Friday, August 29, 2008

Brooklyn's Goods Looks....

We figured out where our baby girl gets her good looks from...not mommy or daddy. They're from Grandma Trini!!!! hehe....of course we believe that she's the perfect combo of both her Stephenson side and her Dio side.

Grandma has been in town since Monday and we have been having a blast and enjoying her way too short visit. We've been well fed here and today my Mom and I did what we do best...Shopping! We even found the perfect shades for Brooklyn

We're breaking her in early on our shopping adventures. 3 generations of browsing thru the stores and racks of clothes and shoes galore! Truly there is no doubt that Brooklyn was born to shop.

Last night Brett and I had our first official date night since Brooklyn has been born. We were able to get a nice dinner and watch a movie ( The Dark Knight) while Grandma and Brooklyn had more bonding time together. I'm sure Grandma was telling Brooklyn over and over again that she needs to move to Chicago.

Tonight we're all off to dinner once Brett gets home....then tomorrow we're going to be sad to see Grandma go....this afternoon I caught Grandma trying to pack Brooklyn in her suitcase....

It didn't look like Brooklyn was protesting much either!!!!

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Riecke's said...

I love all the pics. I'm sure it was great having mom here. And of course so sad to see her go! Wish we could have seen her too. We need to get together soon!!! Maybe next week or weekend. By the way, I signed up for NRP at Gateway. Ciao. Hope work wasn't too crazy and that daddy Brett had a great time with BJ!