Saturday, August 23, 2008

Happy 30th Birthday James!

Tonight we celebrated James' 30th :-) Birthday!!! We all went out to dinner with the Tatham crew and enjoyed a great dinner.... Sorry we had to cut out early guys! Brooklyn wasn't her normal self since she missed a long needed nap. Earlier in the day we met up with the Heetland crew since Kelly (Brett's BFF) was in town with his wifey Shawna from San Fran. They are here to celebrate Kelly's Bday also. Happy belated to you too! So since we were out and about Brooklyn never had a real decent her 3-4 hour ones that she is used to getting at least once a day....she was rather cranky tonight. We came home did a quick bathe and feed and she's out for the night! Uncle Jamey is in town to hang out and has been here for a few days. Brett and Jamey have been having a blast logging in many many hours on the XBOX. He leaves tomorrow to go back to Dakota. It was a short trip, hopefully next time the Boys and Rhonda can come too. We only have 2 controllers for the XBOX so I have had to come up with my own entertainment...wish you guys were here!!!!

Alright, nighty nighty everyone!

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