Saturday, August 30, 2008

I just wanted to share some pictures from last night's dinner. We took Grandma to San Tan Flat last night for dinner. We had a good time and Brooklyn slept pretty much thru dinner and woke up just in time to have her own dinner after we finished ours.

Grandma got to read Brooklyn her bedtime story and tucked her in to sleep last night...this morning we had to bring Grandma to the airport. So sad! Wish you were here still Mom! We always enjoy your visits and your welcome at anytime!

Brooklyn has been lauging more and more these days. It's hilarous to hear her chuckle. I just love tickling her to elicit the tummy tightening laughs from her!

This is an old picture actually taken from when we were in Fargo a few weeks ago, but this is pretty much the look we get from her when she's priceless.
The past couple weeks Brooklyn has gotten into the groove of sleeping thru the night without needing a feed. She wakes up thru the night but her binkie seems to soothe her enough to fall right back to sleep. Hopefully I haven't jinxed it by blogging about it. Anyway, I have to work this weekend. Brett has it off to catch up on some good ole Daddy Daughter bonding and I'm sure some video games will be part of that.

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