Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Quick Update!

My how life changes when I have to start back at work! Lil time for updating this blog! I started back at work on Thurs and I'm happy to say we all survived! I managed to not cry and Brett and Brooklyn managed their first night alone without Mommy. Brooklyn struggled a bit with feeding from the bottle, but we fixed that problem over the weekend when I was home. It's so different having to work full time now. Things get neglected at home. Especially since I had a nice wonderful 12 weeks off and managed to get things done. Now, not soo much. All I really want to do is play with Brooklyn. She's just sooo awesome. I love her more each day. About a week and a half ago she started laughing. She loves being tickled and she talks and talks....typical girl. She's in her nursery now sleeping in her crib away from us :( and she seems to do well. Still wakes up about once a night. Last night I went to go check on her and she had managed to wiggle and turn herself 180 degrees so her feet were where her head was when I first laid her down. IT's crazy to see her so mobile~ She still loves tummy time for only about 10-15 minutes and while on her back she kicks up a storm. She has her favorite lil stuffed lion that she loves to grab with her arms and hug and kiss on. I'm sure not purposeful, but it's still way too cute. Tonight while we were eating dinner Brooklyn enjoyed her own meal of teething/chew toy. She was sitting up in her bumbo and just reaches down for it with her head and starts nawing away. All these things make it soo stinking hard to go back to work! At least I know for the most part she is sleeping when I am gone.

Besides me working we've had a few projects at the house that has kept me away from blogging. We re-did the office, the furniture has finally all come in and that has been a major task putting it together. I would have loved to have paid the company to do it, but do you know how many diapers that would have been?! So between taking care of Brooklyn and all the work that Brett's had to do for his classes he's teaching at U. of Phoenix, it's taken a few days to get it all together. The furniture is put together, but there is still a ton of organizing left. On top of that this weekend we bought a new dinette set and had to put that all together also. We sold a bunch of our old stuff on craigslist this weekend so we had people coming by to pick up all sorts of stuff. You can finally see the 3rd stall of our garage now though!!! Life is crazy busy at the Stephenson household. Brooklyn is excited to see her Uncle Jamey this weekend and then on Monday Gramma Trini comes to play with her for 6 days. Sorry guys if the house isn't spick and span! Eventually I'll get a good rhythym going with all this stuff and have it all sorted out and managed....and by then we'll probably be expecting round 2! opps...did I just say that?!

Pictures yet to come!

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Tod and Casey said...

Mae - I'm glad to hear that everything is going so well. I'm really excited to start school on Monday but also nervous and sad to leave Brooks. But we'll manage. We have to get together again soon. Let us know when you are free!