Sunday, August 24, 2008

Well Rested

After our eventful day yesterday, Miss Brooklyn decided she better catch up on some much needed zzz's. I laid her down in her crib at 9pm and she slept til 730 this morning. Can you believe that?! She squawked once or twice thru the night but was fine once she got her binkie back. I wish I could say that Brett and I were as well rested as she though. We stayed up til at least 2 am, hanging out with Jamey...the guys were kind enough to include me in hanging out and watched a movie instead of playing video games. We watched Rambo....nice guys huh?! Hehe, funny part was that I actually stayed awake thru it all and Jamey and Brett were the ones to fall asleep. That's okay though, they had to be up at 0430 this morning to take Jamey to the airport. Sorry I wasn't up to see you on your way Jamey, but thanks for visiting! Brooklyn enjoyed hanging out with her Silly Uncle!

Anyway, I'm hoping that the long night of sleep for Brooklyn isn't a once in a blue moon kind of thing and that we can get her to keep sleeping like this. Doubtful 10.5 hours, but I'll settle for 8!!!

Off to the airport again tomorrow to pick up Grandma!!! YIPEE!!!! We just love it when she's in town!


The Nutting Family said...

Awesome! Hopefully she will keep it up! I'm not sure why, but I'm always so proud of Grant when he gets a good night's sleep. Especially after he's slept well, early morning is my favorite time of day to see him... he's all smiles and just seems so eager to get up and go! Well if she can do it once, she can do it every night! I'm sure you both are enjoying Brooklyn as much we are Grant :)

Riecke's said...

I love all the updates. You have been busy! I feel so out of the loop working so much and then gone to ORegon. I need to catch up! I swear I'm going to try to blog today. i was supposed to work ,but we took Will to the dr last night and he has ear and eye infections. Poor baby. Now mommy is feeling crappy too. Great! So anyhoo....that's been our life the last couple weeks. Enjoy mama! Hugs from us!

John, Erin and Jaxon said...

Jaxon can't believe he hasn't had a chance to meet her yet...he is all set to give her high fives...and she is so snuggly and cute. We hope to meet her soon!