Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Asian Invasion!

Two lil sisters hanging out.... Ellie seems to be having fun, Brooklyn's not quite sure what to make of her yet....

Saturday, September 27, 2008

3 blogs in one day!

We went over the Miss Ella's house to celebrate her 2nd birthday party. Brooklyn had fun meeting new people. She wasn't quite big enough to enjoy the big bouncy castle, but she had fun watching Ella and the older kids play....

She enjoyed her first real swing ride....

She looked bored in the pics, but I promise she did enjoy it....

We came home early from the party to celebrate our low-key Birthday with Brett. Grilled up some yummy steaks and shrimp and now we're enjoying Brett's favorite Carrot Cake.

Brooklyn continued to show off her new tricks tonight during play time...

Deuce and her enjoyed playing together and now they are both tuckered out sleeping...
I'm ready for my Rice!!!!

That's my rice?! What am I supposed to do with that?

Okay, I'll try some...

IT's not so bad!

I'm ready for my chocolate cake now!!!

No cake for me?!

Well, then can I go play??

Milestones and Birthdays!!!

Brooklyn had quite the day for milestones yesterday. She surprised her Mommy and Daddy by rolling from her back to belly while playing on her gymini. She did it once which I thought would just be a fluke, but then she continued to do it. She's mastered that skill....makes changing her diaper quite challenging now that she's discovered she's a bit more mobile. We also tried Rice Cereal. I was hesitant since I wanted her to keep up with strictly breast milk for at least til 6 months, but she's been acting more and more ready each day that I actually felt bad not trying it sooner. She's held her head up very well for quite some time and over the past few weeks she's been so interested in anything Brett or I have to eat. Anyway, it was quite the treat to be able to feed her rice cereal. She seemed to have enjoyed the lil bit that actual ended up in her mouth. (pics to come!) Of course Brooklyn would like rice cereal....umm hello she's half asian!!!

Today is DADDY"S 31st birthday!!!!!! We celebrated by letting mommy sleep in today! :-) Thanks Daddy, you are the best! Anyway, we're keeping it low key this year. he got a few new articles of clothing and brand spanking new office earlier.... Last year we went all out and were in Boston for his B day... we also had just found out we were expecting Brooklyn. We plan on going to Krispy Kreme to cash in on the free dozen Bday donuts!..FYI for those Krispy Kreme fans. Yummy. Then later this afternoon, we're going to go to Miss Ella Mantle's 2nd bday party. She turned 2 yesterday. Today is also Joo's 21st birthday. Such a youngin!!!! I hope she gets lots and lots of expensive present from her Hubbie and Ellie and that she doesn't make James return any of them! What a lucky gal!

Anyway, I'll be posting pics later today.

Happy birthday my awesome Hubbie! Thanks for being my bestest friend! I love you!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

My 4 month Statistics

It's Brooklyn here....

My Mommy and Daddy took my to my 4 month appt on my 4 month birthday tuesday afternoon. They brought me to the bright fancy green room that I've seen many times before and stripped me down to my diaper. Burrr it was chilly, but daddy cuddled me as the nice lady in blue scrubs got the scale ready. I nearly tipped the scale over when Daddy laid me on it. I think the numbers read 14 lbs 10.2 oz. I'm in the 75th percentile. C average without a curve, but Mommy and Daddy say that's okay and this won't count towards my GPA. After that I went back to the bright green room where the lady in blue took out a tape measure. I grew a few inches and I am now 2 ft tall After that a pretty lady that My mommy kept calling Dr. came in to poke at me a bit more. She looked in my ears, shined a bright light in my eyes and looked me up and down. She said I was beautiful and that I was definately being well fed by my Mommy and Daddy. She even said that I could try rice cereal soon. I hope my Mommy and Daddy give me some soon. The other lady in blue scrubs came back to the room and I realized why I wasn't the biggest fan of hers. She made me lay back down and pinned my legs down and stabbed me with four needles!!!! I cried and cried. I think my Mommy and Daddy did too. Why didn't they get stabbed too? My Daddy finally picked me up and cuddled me until I finally calmed down and I was sooo much better. I was laughing at his silly faces and voices he was making towards me. I never want to go back to the bright green room with the lady in blue ever again!!! After my trip there Mommy and Daddy brought me to the cell phone store so they could buy new phones for themselves. I can't wait til I am big enough to play with the new fancy phones! I heard my Mommy mention that she got the insurance plan to go with her phone just in case I break it sometime in the near future. Daddy says if I am anything like my Mommy I just might break it!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Strawberry Shortie....

Here's the 2008 version of the ever so popular Strawberry Shortcake. She was my favorite growing up!


I was put on call last night at work, wasn't protesting that either! I could always use the money and like the paycheck, but since Brooklyn and even more recent events, I most definately prefer staying at home with my family. Especially since Brett's taken a week long vacation this week. Typical sunday yesterday, except instead of football on the couch it was shut eye in bed for me since I had worked the night before and thought I would be workin that night also. Last night Brett and I took in one of our all time favorite past times.... Scrabble. He kicked my butt as always (english isn't my 1st language...hehehe). We figured we should get as many games in now while Brooklyn lets us because we're quite certain that a few months down the road that won't be the case. After our typical board game battle Mommy and Brooklyn laid down together to get catch up on some much needed sleep. Daddy snapped some pics of course....

I had to lay around in my scrubs last night just in case I did get called into work. We passed out last night at about 9pm. Brett convinced me that it would be okay to skip her bath and just let her sleep. In fact he convinced me it would even be okay to let her sleep in the bassinet in our room to avoid waking her by transferring her to her bed. So she slept next to us in the same clothes that she had on all day. Oh well...I guess it's okay to deviate from her routine every so often. Lord knows what happens on the nights that I work. Brett's been spending alot of quality time with Brooklyn lately since he's been able to take time off and I've been at work and taking extra re-cert classes. Of course with that Brooklyn's learned some new tricks. The other day I found Brooklyn pursing her lips and blowing out making farting type sounds. It's definately very funny, but now that's all she does. Turns out Brett's been making those same silly faces and sounds to her and the 2 of them enjoy going back and forth doing so. Forget trying to converse in a normal language with our child!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Hug your loved ones....

Please bear with me here. This is quite the depressing story, but I have to share my feelings right now...I feel helpless and so sad...and this is kinda my way to journal it.

This evening Brett and I were reminded how very precious life can be and how things can change in the matter of moments. On our way out to do errands this evening Brett witnessed a man riding his motorcycle get hit by another car. I thankfully did not see the actual impact but it was shocking enough to Brett that it took him a moment or two to actually realize what he just saw. From the back seat of our car I had seen enough of the accident and screamed to Brett to pull over. I swear the car wasn't even completely stopped before I was out of the car running to the guy. He was unresponsive when I got to him....and even my experience as an ICU nurse could not have prepared me for this. I had never done CPR on someone outside of the hospital/patient setting and I would have never thought it would be so different. First off, the shock of the accident happening when of course you're not expecting it. Then it's doing CPR without having the hospital resources like a code cart or oxygen or even your coworkers, which is how it's normally done with me. (Ironically enough this morning I took my re-certification class for ACLS- Advanced Cardiac Life Support and on Monday took my Basic CPR renewal class) I was the 1st to get to him and before I knew there were thankfully more then a 1/2 dozen others helping out with the CPR. Brett was running between the car (where Brooklyn was) and us as I hollared out for things we needed. Everything happened like it was slow motion....the Paramedics took what seemed like FOREVER to get to us. I just kept thinking to myself that this guy needed to be intubated and put on a cardiac monitor among many other things and I didn't have any of that. All I could do was chest compressions and mouth to mouth and even with that I felt helpless. Paramedics finally arrived and took over, but as I watched from the sidelines it looked like even what they were doing with all their equipment and resources was helpless. All I could do at that point was cry. I do know enough to say that he probably didn't survive, but part of me wants to hold on to the lil hope that he did. Who knows if I'll ever know. We left after brett gave the cops some information and that brings me to now. All evening long Brett and I have talked about the whole situation. Even after only sleeping 2.5 hours last night I can't fall sleep and my mind is racing. I keep reliving the details in my mind, thinking what could I have done differently and if that could potentially made a difference. Then I think what if we would have left the house a few seconds earlier, could we have been part of that accident?! The shock still so new and I keep thinking that this man, who I don't even know his name, is most likely not going to go home. It tears my heart to think he was probably on his way home from work and his family was expecting him.... I cry for his family. Someone tonight just got the wind knocked out of them as they got the news and now their life turned upside down. I pray for them. I also can't help but cherish my loved ones that much more tonight. I ache of the thought of that happening to me and thank god for the blessings in my life. Tonight is truly a reminder of all of that. Life is extremely precious. Lesson for me is to cherish my loved ones, family and friends and to make sure they know it...every day and every moment of the day. Please do me the favor and hug those close to you let them know how much you love them and what they mean to you.

Vote For Me!

Hi- Brooklyn here-

My mommy thought that I could possibly stand a chance to win this contest for cute baby photo. So she entered me in the contest....if I win I get prize money that Mommy and Daddy will put towards my college fund. Wouldn't that be the neatest?!

Don't you think I'm cute?!

If you do, please click on the link below to vote for me!


Monday, September 15, 2008

Any Given Sunday....

For the next few months our Sundays will be pretty darn predictable. On the couch for Brett catching the football games. I'll watch them too, but I don't have the attention span to watch all of them from 10 am til 8 at night so you'll find me trying to get some cleaning and organizing done, catching a nap, or playing with Brooklyn. Today my physical labor consisted of cleaning the backyard jungle that we have brewing. I've been whacking down the weeds...now trees...that we have growing in the backyard one section at a time for as long as I can tolerate the heat. The section closest to the house which gets the most shade is looking good! One day soon we will get our backyard landscaped!

Brooklyn's updates...
Tonight she was running a slight fever. She was looking a tad flush and felt warm, but it wasn't too bad. She's not acting sick or any more fussy then norm. She's just been nursing every 2 hours today, drooling like crazy, and shoving anything she can get her hands on her her mouth. We're hoping this is her just teething and that some teeth will come soon rather then her actually coming down with something. I can't believe that I'm actually talking about our lil baby getting teeth! I still think of her as a newborn and not a growing baby...but growing is most definately what she's been doing! I finally got her into size 2 diapers and from what others her age have been doing I know that that's later then the rest, but I had a huge stash of size 1-2 diapers that I wanted her to use and not waste :-). Those are not cheap!!!! This weekend I finally washed all her 3 to 6 month old clothes. Our baby is a bit on the petite size (that and mom is also in denial that her baby is growing and growing fast). I'm not worried that she's malnourished...we've all seen her multitude of rolls and her cheeks! Anyhow, I've been able to get good use of most her newborn clothes, but now these new clothes that we get to pick from makes getting up in the morning so much fun! She's still quite the talker. She'll talk and coo to us and she'll have full on conversations with herself. It's really quite cute. I love that she's discovered her own voice and all the different new sounds. Brooklyn sits at the table with us in her bumbo during meal times and it's hilarous to see her concentrate on us eating. Her eyes follow the food from our plate to our mouths and she just looks so curiously at the whole process. I'm sure she's thinking where's my bite? Everyday it's something new with her....it's been so fun for both Brett and I. What a blessing she's been in our lives...funny to think about our lives prior to having Brooklyn...I wouldn't trade in a single day!
Here's Brooklyn from a few days ago enjoying her bubble bath.

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Like Brett has said numerous times yesterday, today is like Christmas at our household. The opening weekend of a new football season. Every sunday for the next few months (and of course monday nights) you will be sure to find Brett situated front and center of the TV flipping thru the many channels of football. Thanks to NFL ticket on Directv we get every single football game....wahoo!

There is no doubt who Brooklyn's been cheering for...

Born a Bears Cheerleader!!!!!

Her Cheerleading uniform is a tab bit big on her still so it'll be interesting to see how it'll fit when the Bears go to the Superbowl at the end of the season this year...hehehe!
and if there is any doubt who the dog is rooting for....

I couldn't believe that Daddy was even willing to hold his daughter wearing her Bears gear....that is true unconditional love....Good thing we don't have any Vikings apparel for her....

Apple Bottom Jeans....

....with the boots with the Fur

The whole club was looking at her....

She hit the Floor!

Next thing you know....
Shorty got low low low low

For those of you that don't get it, like I make the assumption that my parents don't, those are the lyrics for a hip hop song.
Daddy went shopping the other day (without Mommy) and brought home Brooklyn's newest outfit. He had to complete the look with the boots with the fur!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Surprising Visit

Our Friends (the Green's) came into town on Weds to surprise me for a visit. They were on their way to Denver from Carlsbad, CA for their big move so they drove thru Phx to see us. It was such a nice surprise and we really appreciate their change of plans to come see us and stay for the night. We of course enjoyed the visit even thought it was way to short. I'm sure they were anxious to get to Denver and start their new lives and adventure! We can't wait to visit!!!! Deuce loved running around the house with Xando and showing her our "jungle" backyard Brooklyn loved hanging out with her Auntie Keri and Uncle Rick and Mommy loved having her arms free for a few hours while Keri and Rick played with Brooklyn. Have fun unpacking guys!!!! hehe...Brett and I know how much that sucks...we did it 3 times in one year!