Monday, September 15, 2008

Any Given Sunday....

For the next few months our Sundays will be pretty darn predictable. On the couch for Brett catching the football games. I'll watch them too, but I don't have the attention span to watch all of them from 10 am til 8 at night so you'll find me trying to get some cleaning and organizing done, catching a nap, or playing with Brooklyn. Today my physical labor consisted of cleaning the backyard jungle that we have brewing. I've been whacking down the trees...that we have growing in the backyard one section at a time for as long as I can tolerate the heat. The section closest to the house which gets the most shade is looking good! One day soon we will get our backyard landscaped!

Brooklyn's updates...
Tonight she was running a slight fever. She was looking a tad flush and felt warm, but it wasn't too bad. She's not acting sick or any more fussy then norm. She's just been nursing every 2 hours today, drooling like crazy, and shoving anything she can get her hands on her her mouth. We're hoping this is her just teething and that some teeth will come soon rather then her actually coming down with something. I can't believe that I'm actually talking about our lil baby getting teeth! I still think of her as a newborn and not a growing baby...but growing is most definately what she's been doing! I finally got her into size 2 diapers and from what others her age have been doing I know that that's later then the rest, but I had a huge stash of size 1-2 diapers that I wanted her to use and not waste :-). Those are not cheap!!!! This weekend I finally washed all her 3 to 6 month old clothes. Our baby is a bit on the petite size (that and mom is also in denial that her baby is growing and growing fast). I'm not worried that she's malnourished...we've all seen her multitude of rolls and her cheeks! Anyhow, I've been able to get good use of most her newborn clothes, but now these new clothes that we get to pick from makes getting up in the morning so much fun! She's still quite the talker. She'll talk and coo to us and she'll have full on conversations with herself. It's really quite cute. I love that she's discovered her own voice and all the different new sounds. Brooklyn sits at the table with us in her bumbo during meal times and it's hilarous to see her concentrate on us eating. Her eyes follow the food from our plate to our mouths and she just looks so curiously at the whole process. I'm sure she's thinking where's my bite? Everyday it's something new with's been so fun for both Brett and I. What a blessing she's been in our lives...funny to think about our lives prior to having Brooklyn...I wouldn't trade in a single day!
Here's Brooklyn from a few days ago enjoying her bubble bath.

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