Monday, September 22, 2008


I was put on call last night at work, wasn't protesting that either! I could always use the money and like the paycheck, but since Brooklyn and even more recent events, I most definately prefer staying at home with my family. Especially since Brett's taken a week long vacation this week. Typical sunday yesterday, except instead of football on the couch it was shut eye in bed for me since I had worked the night before and thought I would be workin that night also. Last night Brett and I took in one of our all time favorite past times.... Scrabble. He kicked my butt as always (english isn't my 1st language...hehehe). We figured we should get as many games in now while Brooklyn lets us because we're quite certain that a few months down the road that won't be the case. After our typical board game battle Mommy and Brooklyn laid down together to get catch up on some much needed sleep. Daddy snapped some pics of course....

I had to lay around in my scrubs last night just in case I did get called into work. We passed out last night at about 9pm. Brett convinced me that it would be okay to skip her bath and just let her sleep. In fact he convinced me it would even be okay to let her sleep in the bassinet in our room to avoid waking her by transferring her to her bed. So she slept next to us in the same clothes that she had on all day. Oh well...I guess it's okay to deviate from her routine every so often. Lord knows what happens on the nights that I work. Brett's been spending alot of quality time with Brooklyn lately since he's been able to take time off and I've been at work and taking extra re-cert classes. Of course with that Brooklyn's learned some new tricks. The other day I found Brooklyn pursing her lips and blowing out making farting type sounds. It's definately very funny, but now that's all she does. Turns out Brett's been making those same silly faces and sounds to her and the 2 of them enjoy going back and forth doing so. Forget trying to converse in a normal language with our child!

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