Saturday, September 27, 2008

Milestones and Birthdays!!!

Brooklyn had quite the day for milestones yesterday. She surprised her Mommy and Daddy by rolling from her back to belly while playing on her gymini. She did it once which I thought would just be a fluke, but then she continued to do it. She's mastered that skill....makes changing her diaper quite challenging now that she's discovered she's a bit more mobile. We also tried Rice Cereal. I was hesitant since I wanted her to keep up with strictly breast milk for at least til 6 months, but she's been acting more and more ready each day that I actually felt bad not trying it sooner. She's held her head up very well for quite some time and over the past few weeks she's been so interested in anything Brett or I have to eat. Anyway, it was quite the treat to be able to feed her rice cereal. She seemed to have enjoyed the lil bit that actual ended up in her mouth. (pics to come!) Of course Brooklyn would like rice cereal....umm hello she's half asian!!!

Today is DADDY"S 31st birthday!!!!!! We celebrated by letting mommy sleep in today! :-) Thanks Daddy, you are the best! Anyway, we're keeping it low key this year. he got a few new articles of clothing and brand spanking new office earlier.... Last year we went all out and were in Boston for his B day... we also had just found out we were expecting Brooklyn. We plan on going to Krispy Kreme to cash in on the free dozen Bday donuts!..FYI for those Krispy Kreme fans. Yummy. Then later this afternoon, we're going to go to Miss Ella Mantle's 2nd bday party. She turned 2 yesterday. Today is also Joo's 21st birthday. Such a youngin!!!! I hope she gets lots and lots of expensive present from her Hubbie and Ellie and that she doesn't make James return any of them! What a lucky gal!

Anyway, I'll be posting pics later today.

Happy birthday my awesome Hubbie! Thanks for being my bestest friend! I love you!

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Happy Birthday Big papa!