Friday, September 5, 2008

Surprising Visit

Our Friends (the Green's) came into town on Weds to surprise me for a visit. They were on their way to Denver from Carlsbad, CA for their big move so they drove thru Phx to see us. It was such a nice surprise and we really appreciate their change of plans to come see us and stay for the night. We of course enjoyed the visit even thought it was way to short. I'm sure they were anxious to get to Denver and start their new lives and adventure! We can't wait to visit!!!! Deuce loved running around the house with Xando and showing her our "jungle" backyard Brooklyn loved hanging out with her Auntie Keri and Uncle Rick and Mommy loved having her arms free for a few hours while Keri and Rick played with Brooklyn. Have fun unpacking guys!!!! hehe...Brett and I know how much that sucks...we did it 3 times in one year!

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