Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Brooklyn's Buddies

I finally got some pics from our playdate from last week (thanks Becky!!) and was so excited to post them. They were just too cute!

Brooklyn and I join our friends about once a month and this past month we hung out at a park in Gilbert. I even managed to "drag" Brett helped that James showed up also.

So here's the lil gang....
Will (19 mos), Ellie (10 mos), Brooklyn (5 mos), Amaya (19 mos), Jaxon (13 mos), and Kate (13 mos)(Order from left to right)

I think we were all quite impressed that the kids sat still enough for a photo shoot. It only lasted about 2 mins and that oppurtunity doesn't come often!!!

After our playdate we headed to Dinner with James, Joo, Ellie, Anjee and Will. Bill and MJ were missed! Thanks to the Tathams for a wonderful time I'm getting Filet and my own Dessert....hehe JK.

JOO- don't think you got off easy because Becky posted pics from that day....I still want to see yours!!!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Food for thought...

If you were recently EVICTED from a townhome you were renting due to lack of payment of rent times 2 MONTHS and still currently owe 2 MONTHS rent plus late fees (which by the way, you have been taken to court already and the ruling was to have your wages garnished for the amount due plus late fees) would you then still contact that landlord to have him give you a reference as a tenant?!? I mean COME ON!!!! Seriously? Can you screen for common sense when running a rental/credit application?'re in Virginia!!!!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Moving on....

Brooklyn's bored with the sitting thing, she's got that mastered!

She's on to the next step...standing!

Alright, so she is not quite close to this yet and we're in no rush to get her to this point. We haven't quite baby proofed our house therefore not ready for the more mobile Brooklyn.

Anjee gave Brooklyn these cute halloween socks the other day that I had Brooklyn wearing today. The socks did not quite match, but that's because I was to lazy to trek up the stairs to get her matching socks to warm her tootsies. These were within reach, but as you can see Brooklyn knew they didn't look good with her pretty dress and was hard at it to try and get them off...

Then she realized that I was snapping pics so she hid from embarassment....

Friday, October 24, 2008

She loves the camara!

Not much going on here.

Just wanted to post some cute pics I got the other day. I have to work tonight so it's Daddy and Brooklyn bonding tonight!

Here's mommy's desperate attempt to put a bow in Brooklyn's hair. I want so badly to start playing with her hair....Do they make rogaine for Babies?

As you can see she's one happy baby!!!!

I bought Brooklyn her first laptop computer the other day. Here she is learning how to blog on it!

She's teaching Deuce how to edit and post the pictures...

I also trialed Part one of her Halloween costume. I wanted to make sure it all fit....

kay, maybe she's not so happy here....

But for the most part she truly is a happy baby and loves to flirt with the camara!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Torn Household

Today was quite the day for football rivalry. Tension always rises in the house when the Vikings play the Bears....and it doesn't help that we had our friends over, the Mitchells, who are die hard Packer fans to watch the heated battle.

We enjoyed Bloody Mary's and Chili...just like it were a cool fall day back in the midwest...only to step outside to find out it was 90 plus degrees.

Amaya had fun running from Deuce and Brooklyn pretty much napped the whole time. Good thing since Mommy and Daddy were wrapped up into the game. Prior to today Amaya really enjoyed Brooklyn and their friendship...but as you can see by the next picture she's begun to question their relationship....

She's trying to get away from the Bears Fan....

Brooklyn thinks, that is okay More room for me!!!...she's not quite sure how she feels about the green and gold outfit anyway....

Wait til we test the waters of their friendship when the Bears play the Packers!

Anyhow, Mommy and Brooklyn enjoyed our Victory!!!!! Go bears!!!! (sorry you lost Daddy!!!)

Gametime vs. the Vikings is the ONLY time being married to Brett is hard :-)'s tough loving him, but at the end of the day we still manage to sleep in the same bed...especially when the Bears are victorious!

Last night we started Brooklyn in her new fancy fun highchair. Since she's been sitting up well on her own I figure she'd do okay....and she loved it!!! Thank you Uncle Jamey and Auntie Rhonda!

She's also in arms length of the dog that he can eat right out of her hand...which she truly enjoyed letting him lick her fingers...he didn't make the picture but he's there....

Brooklyn has been sitting up so much better each day. I can even sit her up and move away a bit...if she does topple over it's on padded carpet and she just continues on playing like it's no big deal. She's managed to pull herself up from a reclined position and makes any time in her swing or bouncy challenging since she won't lay back in it....

She still loves watching the Little Mermaid or Baby Mozart.

I know that propping her in front of a TV isn't the most developmentally appropriate..but sometimes i just have to do it in order to grab a quick shower or even brush my teeth. I promise she's not in front of it all day long. I'm sure there are moms out there that understand my dilemma :-)

The other morning Brett woke me up to find our "Kids" cuddled up together in the middle of our bed...

Obviously Deuce wanted to be by his lil sister and Brooklyn didn't seem to mind his company...too Priceless not to get up in the middle of a deep sleep to snap some pics!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Please rent me!

We just wanted to get your help to spread the word that we're looking for new tenants for our Townhome here in Chandler (Arizona and Warner). So if you know anyone in the phoenix area looking to rent please send them our way! It's a 2 bedroom 2.5 bath....patio and one covered parking space. We rehabed it last year so it's in great condition. All appliances included. Community pool. Avaiable now. Rent is $925 with a deposit of $500...Brett will have more details for any interested takers! So please pass this info to whomever....we really appreciate it!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Brooklyn's Career Path

Looks like our lil darling is going to make a great plumber one day!!!

She's a a big girl now. She's managing sitting up on her own. Not perfectly. She needs close supervision to prevent any face plants in the capret, but for the most part she's holding her own sitting upright and discovering her world upright outside of her green bumbo chair. Mommy and Daddy are proud!!!

Now we have to work on her drooling issues....
And here's Brett and Brooklyn during play time....