Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Brooklyn's Buddies

I finally got some pics from our playdate from last week (thanks Becky!!) and was so excited to post them. They were just too cute!

Brooklyn and I join our friends about once a month and this past month we hung out at a park in Gilbert. I even managed to "drag" Brett helped that James showed up also.

So here's the lil gang....
Will (19 mos), Ellie (10 mos), Brooklyn (5 mos), Amaya (19 mos), Jaxon (13 mos), and Kate (13 mos)(Order from left to right)

I think we were all quite impressed that the kids sat still enough for a photo shoot. It only lasted about 2 mins and that oppurtunity doesn't come often!!!

After our playdate we headed to Dinner with James, Joo, Ellie, Anjee and Will. Bill and MJ were missed! Thanks to the Tathams for a wonderful time I'm getting Filet and my own Dessert....hehe JK.

JOO- don't think you got off easy because Becky posted pics from that day....I still want to see yours!!!!!


The Banks Family said...

Cute little bunch of kiddos! We will have to get our little ones together since they are only 5 days apart!

Tod and Casey said...

SOOO stinkin' cute! I'm sorry I missed the fun, we look forward to seeing everyone at December's playgroup!