Sunday, November 30, 2008

Pics Pics and More Pics!!!

First off I haven't shared pictures from our most recent playdate at the Scottsdale Train Park. We had fun, as always!!! Brooklyn was dressed for the cool was high 70s!!!, but there was a cool breeze and it was way cooler when I left the house I swear!

Turkey (& Ham) day was wonderful. Dinner was was better! Thank you to the Riecke's for feeding us well and James the stuffing was terrific, like it is every year! Ellie, Will and Brooklyn had fun with each other. Brooklyn had her first Kiss from a Boy...Will, I'm a proud Mama that she was kissed from you!

It was quite priceless and when the Mommys awwed at the momentous event Will hid his face behind his eyes. Daddy Stephenson was out front with Daddy Riecke so they missed the event, but I can only imagine the comments that would have came from them. Brett would have had a few colorful words I am sure and Bill would be sporting some proud grins for his lil guy!

Thank you Will for sharing all your wonderful Toys! Brooklyn especially loved the dump truck and train.

(Brooklyn was quite upset when Will took the train from her to show her how to use it...typical girl!...I'm sure she's stubborn like her Mommy and was thinking I could do it myself!)

Since I have been pretty much only working part time the past few weeks I have had alot of time to spend with Miss Brooklyn.

She's just been an absolute Joy! Every new thing she does is momentous and so sweet and least to her Daddy and I it is. We've discovered that it just thrills her to play peak-a-boo with us and here she is trying to find Brett who hides around the High chair.

Her best pal in the world is Deuce.

She's finally found the jingling noise that comes from him and is constantly pulling at his collar and tags.

He's constantly sneaking in the kisses...

Brooklyn is quite fascinated by the movie "The Little Mermaid" and is quite content to watch the whole movie if we'd let her or if sleep doesn't get to her first.

The other day I stepped in her line of vision of the movie to try and distract her and she simply leaned to the side to look around me and did not miss a beat of the movie. I chuckled and just shook my head.

For the skeptics out there who feel that Brooklyn may watch too much TV I swear that she gets enough developmental play time also! It's just easier to snap pictures of her while she's watching TV and I'm not involved in the playtime. But just in case you didn't believe it.....

She has one book to read and one book to chew on! ( Of course what is she reading about?...Puppies and Mermaids...her 2 most favorite topics! )

We're slowly getting everything up for Christmas. I tried to get Brooklyn in her stocking, but she's a little to plump to fit.

Here's what the rolls and folds look like under the garments...

Laura, a friend from work, said it best when she called her the Michelin Baby....

See the resemblance?

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Turkey (& ham) Day!

I had to add the "& Ham" part because that's what I am responsible for tonight! We're going to the Riecke's tonight for dinner and not all in attendance can have Turkey so Ham it is!!! We're so blessed to have such wonderful friends here in AZ that take us in like family for the Holidays! Can't wait for dinner tonight! I normally would want to have cooked the ham myself, or at least attempted the ham, but
I was supposed to have worked last the "Adult world" and was quite shocked to get the phone call that I was getting pushed back, only to get cancelled 2 hours later. So I pre-ordered a Honey Baked ham. Is that sacreligous to the Holiday spirit? Oh well. I was soo overly prepared to work too...Brooklyn let me lay down and we napped for 3 hours yesterday. So now I have been up since 2 this morning. Good thing Brett's off today! I forsee a good nap in my future. I've just read a few hundred pages in the book that I've been so wrapped up in. I'm on the last book in the "Twlight" series and I am already depressed thinking about what I am going to do with myself when I'm finished with the book. Last night was a blessing to be able to be home with Brett though. We put our 9 ft xmas tree up, our 5 ft lil guy went up last week (can you tell I am anxious to get rolling on Christmas?)

(I took this pic last week for our Hoilday Xmas Cards... no worries this isn't the picture that I'm using so you won't see repeated pics in the mail)
The problem with our 9 foot tree is that it is pre-lit and I have about 1/2 dozen lil sections without lites that I'm going to have to filter through and figure out which bulb is out. Good thing I've been cancelled alot from work. I wanted so badly to go part time after Brooklyn was born but it just wasn't in the cards since I knew that we wanted to try for a sibling sooner then later. I guess getting cancelled so much is just like being part time! Anyway the rain has been coming down all night's been windy and lightening with tons of thunder! Remind me of home in the mid-west! Funny how a beautiful day here in AZ is rain and overcast! It's was like this yesterday and should cont thru today. Last time we had a couple days in a row of weather like this that I can recall was when Brooklyn was born. I'll always remember that because I kept thinking what a perfect day to have a baby! Alright, so now I am rambling....Happy Turkey Day!!!!! I wish we could have all our family here to celebrate!....but I don't think there is enough Turkey at Anjee's and Bill's...hehe Enjoy the holiday and travel safe for those of you making long trips!!!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mornings with Dora!

Now I know what all the hype is about! Brooklyn is quite intrigued by her spanish speaking friend.

Alright, more play time!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Tag ......I'm It!

I was tagged by Talia Nutting and here's my project now....You go to the 4th album on your computer, open it and choose the 4th photo and write 4 things about it. Then you tag 4 of your friends to do the same!

1) The picture was taken July '06 on our first trip to Seattle after a wonderful time in Salem, OR for the Riecke Nuptial's
2) Notice James Tatham in the background....I know he wanted to sneak in the picture so you can't tell, but he is actually posing...
3) Picture dates back to a time where things were quite different for us. Traveling to new places with the freedom that we lack now....carseats strollers and diapers. I wouldn't trade it back for the world, but I know that Brett and I look foward to a time where we can do that again.
4) Spending quality time with great friends of ours the Tatham's. They are our family away from our own true family!

Now I tag
Anjee Riecke
Casey Rodenbaugh
Nicole Mantle
Becky Mitchell

On a different note....
Brooklyn's been quite the busy bee. She's totally off her schedule this week since she's sneaking in 12 hours of sleep a night and lacking on her naps. Which for the average parent it would be fabulous, but since I work nights I rely on nap time to sleep! We'll get her back on some sort of schedule here. She's 6 months old tomorrow! Can you believe that?! Where did time go?! She's gotten bored with sitting up in one spot now so she's been leaning over and getting herself in all sorts of ackward positions in an attempt to get herself elsewhere. Then she gets frustrated and screams until we reposition her and then the cycle continues. Real fun let me tell ya! Though it truly is fun seeing her trying so hard to get things and do things. I love it. I've started feeding her oatmeal in the morning for breakfast and then she still gets rice cereal at night for dinner. That's been the highlight of her day it seems. She throws her arms up and down in excitement the minute you put her bib on. I'm starting to take it personally that she doesn't do that when she nurses....hehe. So here are some of the latest pictures...which are really for Grandma's sake. I know she's going thru Brooklyn withdrawal....I wanted to post the pictures before I get the phone call asking how come I haven't blogged in a while and that she's wants to see pictures! We went to Scottdale trainpark the other day also and once I get those pics uploaded on the computer I'll get working on posting pics from our playdate!

I've consumed my freetime that I don't spend with Brett and Brooklyn wrapped up in the Twilight book series so that might it explain my lack of blogging. I actually got to see the movie last night with a few friends from work and had soo much fun. I was pleasently pleased with the movie. I went in with low expectations thinking it would suck in comparison to the book, but I really did enjoy it. When's the second one coming out!!!!!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Daddy can I have one ......puhpuhplease?!!!

Brett and Brooklyn couldn't help but "gawk" at the Rolls Royce in the parking lot of the Hair Salon where my mom gets her hair cut....I of course had to catch some pictures of a car that costs more then the average home. I betcha the owner doesn't work as a nurse! Must be the CEO if AIG or something..... Ha!!

The rims were nearly twice the size of Brooklyn.....

We're teaching her early how to have good expensive taste....that will most likely be a problem in the future....

We had a WONDERFUL visit with Grandma "Lola" this sad to see her go. Brooklyn pitched a fit all day long after she and Brett dropped her off at the airport Saturday. And I'm not kidding about the tantrum she chose to throw that afternoon...I'm guessing she noticed Grandma's absense.

My mom and I did the typical things we like to do while she was in town. We shopped shopped and shopped! I managed to tackle a ton of my Christmas shopping for this year! Yes, I said it....Christmas Shopping! For once in my life I'm not going to wait until the week of to shop!

We went to lunch with a long time, very dear, family friend, Mary Kay and were able to do so at my Mom's favorite PHX deli...Dilly's Deli. And then on her last night here she treated us to dinner at The Fish Market in Phoenix which has also turned into a tradition to go to while she is in town.

While at dinner we thought we would give "real" food a whirl with Brooklyn. She tried some smashed up potatoes and then attempted carrots. She choked and sputtered thru the smashed up carrots so we've decided to hold off on anymore "Real" food attempts.

As you can see...she's not quite sure what to make of the orange stuff!

Grandma was so sweet and brought Brooklyn her new favorite toy which she loves. She's struggling to reach for it in this next pic but believe it or not she's starting her attempts of crawling.

If you put something far enough from her she'll attempt the "scooch" towards it, but it's a working progress! I have a feeling she'll be pulling her self up and standing before she crawls. Not the typical progression, but she just despises tummy time. She's managing to pull herself onto her knees now when holding onto somehing, mostly pulling herself onto myself of Brett....

Grandma was able to spend some great quality time with Brooklyn, but not nearly enough... She managed to get her routine down perfectly and Brett and I were able to sneak away for our own Date Night.

Andro & Rachelle better get working on some more grandkids for Mom so that you can take advantage of her skills before I steal her away from Chicago!!!

And here's my favorite picture from the week...Brooklyn was having fun playing with her piggy bank with coins and truly no more then a few seconds later she's passed out sitting up right....

Thanks Mom for visiting!!!! Thanks for cooking our favorites! We had so much fun and Brett and I really do appreciate you letting us catch up on some sleep!!!! Hope your caught up now from your trip!