Sunday, November 16, 2008

Daddy can I have one ......puhpuhplease?!!!

Brett and Brooklyn couldn't help but "gawk" at the Rolls Royce in the parking lot of the Hair Salon where my mom gets her hair cut....I of course had to catch some pictures of a car that costs more then the average home. I betcha the owner doesn't work as a nurse! Must be the CEO if AIG or something..... Ha!!

The rims were nearly twice the size of Brooklyn.....

We're teaching her early how to have good expensive taste....that will most likely be a problem in the future....

We had a WONDERFUL visit with Grandma "Lola" this sad to see her go. Brooklyn pitched a fit all day long after she and Brett dropped her off at the airport Saturday. And I'm not kidding about the tantrum she chose to throw that afternoon...I'm guessing she noticed Grandma's absense.

My mom and I did the typical things we like to do while she was in town. We shopped shopped and shopped! I managed to tackle a ton of my Christmas shopping for this year! Yes, I said it....Christmas Shopping! For once in my life I'm not going to wait until the week of to shop!

We went to lunch with a long time, very dear, family friend, Mary Kay and were able to do so at my Mom's favorite PHX deli...Dilly's Deli. And then on her last night here she treated us to dinner at The Fish Market in Phoenix which has also turned into a tradition to go to while she is in town.

While at dinner we thought we would give "real" food a whirl with Brooklyn. She tried some smashed up potatoes and then attempted carrots. She choked and sputtered thru the smashed up carrots so we've decided to hold off on anymore "Real" food attempts.

As you can see...she's not quite sure what to make of the orange stuff!

Grandma was so sweet and brought Brooklyn her new favorite toy which she loves. She's struggling to reach for it in this next pic but believe it or not she's starting her attempts of crawling.

If you put something far enough from her she'll attempt the "scooch" towards it, but it's a working progress! I have a feeling she'll be pulling her self up and standing before she crawls. Not the typical progression, but she just despises tummy time. She's managing to pull herself onto her knees now when holding onto somehing, mostly pulling herself onto myself of Brett....

Grandma was able to spend some great quality time with Brooklyn, but not nearly enough... She managed to get her routine down perfectly and Brett and I were able to sneak away for our own Date Night.

Andro & Rachelle better get working on some more grandkids for Mom so that you can take advantage of her skills before I steal her away from Chicago!!!

And here's my favorite picture from the week...Brooklyn was having fun playing with her piggy bank with coins and truly no more then a few seconds later she's passed out sitting up right....

Thanks Mom for visiting!!!! Thanks for cooking our favorites! We had so much fun and Brett and I really do appreciate you letting us catch up on some sleep!!!! Hope your caught up now from your trip!

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