Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Turkey (& ham) Day!

I had to add the "& Ham" part because that's what I am responsible for tonight! We're going to the Riecke's tonight for dinner and not all in attendance can have Turkey so Ham it is!!! We're so blessed to have such wonderful friends here in AZ that take us in like family for the Holidays! Can't wait for dinner tonight! I normally would want to have cooked the ham myself, or at least attempted the ham, but
I was supposed to have worked last the "Adult world" and was quite shocked to get the phone call that I was getting pushed back, only to get cancelled 2 hours later. So I pre-ordered a Honey Baked ham. Is that sacreligous to the Holiday spirit? Oh well. I was soo overly prepared to work too...Brooklyn let me lay down and we napped for 3 hours yesterday. So now I have been up since 2 this morning. Good thing Brett's off today! I forsee a good nap in my future. I've just read a few hundred pages in the book that I've been so wrapped up in. I'm on the last book in the "Twlight" series and I am already depressed thinking about what I am going to do with myself when I'm finished with the book. Last night was a blessing to be able to be home with Brett though. We put our 9 ft xmas tree up, our 5 ft lil guy went up last week (can you tell I am anxious to get rolling on Christmas?)

(I took this pic last week for our Hoilday Xmas Cards... no worries this isn't the picture that I'm using so you won't see repeated pics in the mail)
The problem with our 9 foot tree is that it is pre-lit and I have about 1/2 dozen lil sections without lites that I'm going to have to filter through and figure out which bulb is out. Good thing I've been cancelled alot from work. I wanted so badly to go part time after Brooklyn was born but it just wasn't in the cards since I knew that we wanted to try for a sibling sooner then later. I guess getting cancelled so much is just like being part time! Anyway the rain has been coming down all night's been windy and lightening with tons of thunder! Remind me of home in the mid-west! Funny how a beautiful day here in AZ is rain and overcast! It's was like this yesterday and should cont thru today. Last time we had a couple days in a row of weather like this that I can recall was when Brooklyn was born. I'll always remember that because I kept thinking what a perfect day to have a baby! Alright, so now I am rambling....Happy Turkey Day!!!!! I wish we could have all our family here to celebrate!....but I don't think there is enough Turkey at Anjee's and Bill's...hehe Enjoy the holiday and travel safe for those of you making long trips!!!!

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Lindsay Teague Moreno said...

honey baked ham is in no way sacrilegious! It's the best! hope it was awesome!