Saturday, November 22, 2008

Tag ......I'm It!

I was tagged by Talia Nutting and here's my project now....You go to the 4th album on your computer, open it and choose the 4th photo and write 4 things about it. Then you tag 4 of your friends to do the same!

1) The picture was taken July '06 on our first trip to Seattle after a wonderful time in Salem, OR for the Riecke Nuptial's
2) Notice James Tatham in the background....I know he wanted to sneak in the picture so you can't tell, but he is actually posing...
3) Picture dates back to a time where things were quite different for us. Traveling to new places with the freedom that we lack now....carseats strollers and diapers. I wouldn't trade it back for the world, but I know that Brett and I look foward to a time where we can do that again.
4) Spending quality time with great friends of ours the Tatham's. They are our family away from our own true family!

Now I tag
Anjee Riecke
Casey Rodenbaugh
Nicole Mantle
Becky Mitchell

On a different note....
Brooklyn's been quite the busy bee. She's totally off her schedule this week since she's sneaking in 12 hours of sleep a night and lacking on her naps. Which for the average parent it would be fabulous, but since I work nights I rely on nap time to sleep! We'll get her back on some sort of schedule here. She's 6 months old tomorrow! Can you believe that?! Where did time go?! She's gotten bored with sitting up in one spot now so she's been leaning over and getting herself in all sorts of ackward positions in an attempt to get herself elsewhere. Then she gets frustrated and screams until we reposition her and then the cycle continues. Real fun let me tell ya! Though it truly is fun seeing her trying so hard to get things and do things. I love it. I've started feeding her oatmeal in the morning for breakfast and then she still gets rice cereal at night for dinner. That's been the highlight of her day it seems. She throws her arms up and down in excitement the minute you put her bib on. I'm starting to take it personally that she doesn't do that when she nurses....hehe. So here are some of the latest pictures...which are really for Grandma's sake. I know she's going thru Brooklyn withdrawal....I wanted to post the pictures before I get the phone call asking how come I haven't blogged in a while and that she's wants to see pictures! We went to Scottdale trainpark the other day also and once I get those pics uploaded on the computer I'll get working on posting pics from our playdate!

I've consumed my freetime that I don't spend with Brett and Brooklyn wrapped up in the Twilight book series so that might it explain my lack of blogging. I actually got to see the movie last night with a few friends from work and had soo much fun. I was pleasently pleased with the movie. I went in with low expectations thinking it would suck in comparison to the book, but I really did enjoy it. When's the second one coming out!!!!!!


Tod and Casey said...

Hey Mae - so glad to hear you are reading the series. It is AMAZING! The movie doesn't comapre to the book, but we still really enjoyed it. Rob Pattinson is beautiful! Brooklyn is a doll! We can't wait to see you both when school gets out!

Tod and Casey said...

Hey Mae - I met Mandy Bailey when we were both about 5 wks pregnant. She was due about a week before me. We met at the bank and visited on many occasions. She is a great gal and has a wonderful family.

Lindsay Teague Moreno said...

mae, seriously, i want your babies cheeks! She is so cute!