Sunday, December 28, 2008

Post Christmas PIcs....

We have a ton of pictures from our holiday celebration that I wanted to share with everyone so here they are....I'm sure out of order and without my normal commentary since there are just sooo many!! We had a great Christmas with tons of presents...most for Brooklyn! She had a grand ole time discovering all her new presents and the wrapping paper it came in. Deuce enjoyed opening all of them with her! While Andro and Rachelle were in town we headed up the crazy winding road to Tortilla Flat and enjoyed lunch there. We fought through the crowds at the mall on friday as crazy as that sounds and for the most part enjoyed just hanging out! I love when family is in town.....

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmakkuh!

We've had family in town since Friday so I haven't gotten a chance to catch up on here, not to mention that Brooklyn's been quite the busy bee lately. We are blessed to have Grandpa Hojo and Grandma Lola in town since Friday and today Uncle Andro and Auntie Rey-Rey made it in today. With all the horrible storms I was soooooo happy that they all made it in with minor delays. We have a very welcomed and full household right now.

So I don't have any pics to share with this post but will do soo in the coming days, but I did want to share how proud I am of my lil squirt. Brooklyn turned 7 months yesterday and to mark the occasion we grinned and beared through the 2 hour line at the mall to visit Santa. Brooklyn didn't cry and even managed to smile for her picture....Santa however did not! He wasn't his jolly ole self...he seemed like he was skeptical of the lil babies, must have been peed or puked on in the past! Brooklyn has been talking up a storm, but yesterday she definately started on her first words...."dada" and "at-tah" Neither words were purposeful, but I'm sure in her mind she was making up perfectly clear sentences as she carried on with her story to us. And then last night after we thought she had quite the day for milestones already, she surprised us by take her first "steps" with crawling. She only goes a few inches, but definately as the motions coordinated. Gets up on all fours and goes! Quite the day yesterday...all on her 7 month birthday! Makes updating her baby book quite easy!

I unfortunately have to work tonight since Hospitals can't manage to figure out how to close for the holidays, but I look foward to tomorrow and spending time with my family on Christmas!!!! I can't wait for Brooklyn's first Christmas!!!! I hope Santa will be good to her this year! We plan on going to Mass tomorrow morning, I'll catch a quick snooze and then let the festivities begin! I'm also happy to be able to share the holidays with part of our "Arizona Family" Anjee, Bill and lil Bill weren't able to make it home to Oregon this year....Darn the snow!!! So they'll be joining us for Christmas dinner. Yay for for their Oregon family!!!

Anyway, Have a very Merry Christmas....and Happy Hanukkah! We have the candles glowing and the lights lit on our Hanukkah bush and Christmas tree....Confusing the neighbors just like we did growing up!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Gifted Ink

Brett is on a week long hiatus from work and what a better way to enjoy your vacation then with a massive scab down your side.....

So he finally did....we're living a thug life! Just kidding. I promised Brett back in June a new tattoo for Daddy's day (see archived blog from June) and Brett decided that yesterday was going to be the day to cash in on that. He's known that Brooklyn's name was going to be next on his collection since before she was even concieved. And Yes, Mel, I agree that "Joy" would have been a ton easier! We went to the shop yesterday simply to have it drawn up and ended up hanging out there there to have it done. I wanted to be there to check out the whole process and would have preferred Brooklyn to have hung out at a friends or sitter's but wasn't the case. Brooklyn was a prefectly happy child hanging out in Mommy's lap for the 1.5 hours it took to have Daddy's new art done. I'm not kidding either. I was impressed and the shop was surprisingly very child friendly. Apparently lots of families take their kids to the tattoo shop!!! There were other kids that Brooklyn was intrigued by watching. Alright, so had Brooklyn been any older I definately would not have taken her to the shop. This is definately not a memory I insist she keep. So my personal thoughts on Tattoos.....WAY to permanent! I'm too anal to have it done and why inflict pain when not needed? Since my hubbie is inked up I feel the need to stay ink free so our kids don't grow up thinking they need to get one too. This tattoo is in addition to a few others that Brett already has. It's funny too because if you were to look at him on the average day you would never guess that he would have as many as he does. My tie and collared shirt business like hubbie hides them all well even with shorts and a tee. Of course now a days alot of people walk around all inked up that you would never guess. So as long as Brett keeps his tattoos in areas that he can still keep covered and "clean up nicely" then I'm okay with it. So no tattoos across his neck that say "Maria" or lucky dice on his wrists or even the "Chase" emblem on his forearm...hehehe. Good thing Brett and I don't want a litter of kids! 2 kids is all that we hoped to be blessed with. Brett's running out of places to get tattoos! So not my ideal way to spend a ideal vacation would involve massages and fruity drinks with umbrellas beach side.

On a different note...Brooklyn enjoyed opening up an early Christmas present the other day. My Aunt and Uncle from Canada sent us a package that Brooklyn was thrilled to tear through!!!

She was a champ getting through the wrapping paper to get to the gift itself!

Thank you soo much Uncle Rene and Auntie Emma! We love the clothes and the chocolate is perfect solution for my never ending sweet tooth and increased calorie consumption...soo yummy!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Go Bears!!!!!!

We promised Brooklyn's "Uncle Rubber" we'd post some pictures of her cheering on her Bears!!!! So Rubber - here they are! I'm a proud Mama of my lil Bear Cheerleader. Bear Down!

Brooklyn's quite upset about the Saints interception!

I had to include this picture b/c of the Saints player in the would you like to have grown up with that last name?

She loves my slipper boots! She's just roaring with laughter, it was quite the sight to see, and unfortunately the pics did not do the moment any justice!

Here's a lil preview of what Christmas is going to be like.

Who cares about the present inside, right? She loves the wrapping paper! The other day I was letting her play with some scrap paper and then about 20 minutes later, after we've moved on to an actualy toy, I notices some shiny red stuff in her mouth. She had a wad of paper stored in the side of her cheek...maybe to play with later? Needless to say, she's supervised now with paper play time....Oh kids!

She plays a ton more independently now.

Mommy and Daddy love it! I can put her on the ground surround her with her toys and I get a good 20 minutes to get some stuff done, hence the blogging!

She's still pretty contained in her area so I don't need to worry about her getting into much she shouldn't be, although our lil monkey is starting to get more mobile by the minute. She's managing to scoot around on her belly with great ease, but doesn't go to far in distance.

Life is good here!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Great news....

A friend of mine just told me last night that she is 5 weeks pregnant and expecting a bundle of joy in August. I got the go ahead that I can blog about her, but chose to not use her name until she official announces the pregnancy, so I'll have to just resort to calling her "Larry" for the time being!!!!

So Larry...I am very excited for you and your journey through the next 9 months...well 8 now! I loved every moment of pregnancy even the ones spent dry heaving....and I am thankful those were just a handful! I'll pray for the same Joy for you and your pregnancy!

Here's a look at your lil one in the works!

This is sooo fun to be able to blog about pregnancy again!

On a slightly different note....Brooklyn's getting into the christmas spirit....she know's Grandma and Grandpa are coming to visit next week and she's quite prepared.

I debated having her wear that same shirt for her pics with Santa Claus, but I don't want her to start off on a bad foot with Santa. I'll have to come up with a different outfit....does that mean more shopping in my future?!

Friday, December 5, 2008

6.5 month stats

17 lbs of pure love! That's the size of some of the Turkey's served on Thanksgiving night! Miss Brook-eyyyy weighed a whoppin' 17 lbs 5 oz. That's 75%. She's 25 inches. 25th surprise there.

She had her 6 month check up a little late due to the holidays. She did very well with her shots. Fell alseep right afterwards and even let Brett and I have dinner out. It was quick, but we enjoyed dining out nonetheless. Brooklyn's still sorting out her night time sleeping habits. She's been waking up screaming...but the last few nights we've been able to soothe her back to sleep....rocking, lullabyes and tylenol! We're getting more sleep here again. Dr. attributed the break in her pattern to be her teething, which would be my best guess, but still no teeth!!!! Despite her moments of rage which in the overall picture is very few and far between she's still manages to make us laugh smile and melt. I hear most all parents say their baby is a happy baby, but truly ours is!!!! She's so awesome!That phrase gets used all the time in our house. How can you not smile and melt when you walk in her room to find this....

She's pulls herself up and waits quite nicely for us to come find her....

We finally tried baby food last week.

Brooklyn tested out peas last which she grimaced the whole time and then this week we tried out the yellow squash, we got the same sour face.

I hope we don't have a picky eater on our hands. Brett and I are not picky at all so I'm sure she'll be just fine. Although, Brett doesn't like feeding her things that she doesn't like and keeps insisting we stick to what she likes.....Ughh, he's such a sucker for her already!!!! He keeps this up we're in for more trouble! I'll be nipping that one in the bud real quick!

Brooklyn tested out the big girl tubbie last week. She was kind of skeptical at first when she got in, but took the tub quite nicely after a few moments. Once we busted out the toys she was having fun. All those toys dont fit in her old tub as well.