Friday, December 12, 2008

Go Bears!!!!!!

We promised Brooklyn's "Uncle Rubber" we'd post some pictures of her cheering on her Bears!!!! So Rubber - here they are! I'm a proud Mama of my lil Bear Cheerleader. Bear Down!

Brooklyn's quite upset about the Saints interception!

I had to include this picture b/c of the Saints player in the would you like to have grown up with that last name?

She loves my slipper boots! She's just roaring with laughter, it was quite the sight to see, and unfortunately the pics did not do the moment any justice!

Here's a lil preview of what Christmas is going to be like.

Who cares about the present inside, right? She loves the wrapping paper! The other day I was letting her play with some scrap paper and then about 20 minutes later, after we've moved on to an actualy toy, I notices some shiny red stuff in her mouth. She had a wad of paper stored in the side of her cheek...maybe to play with later? Needless to say, she's supervised now with paper play time....Oh kids!

She plays a ton more independently now.

Mommy and Daddy love it! I can put her on the ground surround her with her toys and I get a good 20 minutes to get some stuff done, hence the blogging!

She's still pretty contained in her area so I don't need to worry about her getting into much she shouldn't be, although our lil monkey is starting to get more mobile by the minute. She's managing to scoot around on her belly with great ease, but doesn't go to far in distance.

Life is good here!


Anonymous said...

Finally..... see what happens Mae when you but the right outfit on. Keep up the good work. GO BEARS!!!

Riecke's said...

I love the last pic. Cute little smirk. Hee hee. See you Fri

The Banks Family said...

OMG the picture of her smiling in the mirror is too cute! Can't believe you were able to catch that on camera!?!? Way to go Mommy!!

Samara Link said...

Ah, isn't that cute?! Mae, she is so, so darling. I have in laws in Chicago I'll have to share this with.

I went with Linds to see Boston last night for her 8pm feeding. We were hoping to see you there. Maybe another time. :)

Mrs. D said...

Has Brooklyn met Santa yet?