Thursday, December 11, 2008

Great news....

A friend of mine just told me last night that she is 5 weeks pregnant and expecting a bundle of joy in August. I got the go ahead that I can blog about her, but chose to not use her name until she official announces the pregnancy, so I'll have to just resort to calling her "Larry" for the time being!!!!

So Larry...I am very excited for you and your journey through the next 9 months...well 8 now! I loved every moment of pregnancy even the ones spent dry heaving....and I am thankful those were just a handful! I'll pray for the same Joy for you and your pregnancy!

Here's a look at your lil one in the works!

This is sooo fun to be able to blog about pregnancy again!

On a slightly different note....Brooklyn's getting into the christmas spirit....she know's Grandma and Grandpa are coming to visit next week and she's quite prepared.

I debated having her wear that same shirt for her pics with Santa Claus, but I don't want her to start off on a bad foot with Santa. I'll have to come up with a different outfit....does that mean more shopping in my future?!


Riecke's said...

No Bree, it's not me. hee hee.. Who is it Mae??? Is it you? Hee hee. Call me stat! Not nice to hold news from me!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

didn't you know santa sees everything and knows everything. i am sure he already saw the shirt. i hope he has a sense of humor. smile, smile. -becky

The Banks Family said...

LOve the shirt! She is so cute! Look at her with her little "kicks" on! We need to have Madden and Brooklyn meet soon! Same age....hmmmm could there be a date in the way far future?? hee hee Wait, I think Will has already claimed her hasn't he? Oh well, Sorry Madden!! Ha ha

alexisandkyle said...

Mae, what is that a picture of?? :)