Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmakkuh!

We've had family in town since Friday so I haven't gotten a chance to catch up on here, not to mention that Brooklyn's been quite the busy bee lately. We are blessed to have Grandpa Hojo and Grandma Lola in town since Friday and today Uncle Andro and Auntie Rey-Rey made it in today. With all the horrible storms I was soooooo happy that they all made it in with minor delays. We have a very welcomed and full household right now.

So I don't have any pics to share with this post but will do soo in the coming days, but I did want to share how proud I am of my lil squirt. Brooklyn turned 7 months yesterday and to mark the occasion we grinned and beared through the 2 hour line at the mall to visit Santa. Brooklyn didn't cry and even managed to smile for her picture....Santa however did not! He wasn't his jolly ole self...he seemed like he was skeptical of the lil babies, must have been peed or puked on in the past! Brooklyn has been talking up a storm, but yesterday she definately started on her first words...."dada" and "at-tah" Neither words were purposeful, but I'm sure in her mind she was making up perfectly clear sentences as she carried on with her story to us. And then last night after we thought she had quite the day for milestones already, she surprised us by take her first "steps" with crawling. She only goes a few inches, but definately as the motions coordinated. Gets up on all fours and goes! Quite the day yesterday...all on her 7 month birthday! Makes updating her baby book quite easy!

I unfortunately have to work tonight since Hospitals can't manage to figure out how to close for the holidays, but I look foward to tomorrow and spending time with my family on Christmas!!!! I can't wait for Brooklyn's first Christmas!!!! I hope Santa will be good to her this year! We plan on going to Mass tomorrow morning, I'll catch a quick snooze and then let the festivities begin! I'm also happy to be able to share the holidays with part of our "Arizona Family" Anjee, Bill and lil Bill weren't able to make it home to Oregon this year....Darn the snow!!! So they'll be joining us for Christmas dinner. Yay for for their Oregon family!!!

Anyway, Have a very Merry Christmas....and Happy Hanukkah! We have the candles glowing and the lights lit on our Hanukkah bush and Christmas tree....Confusing the neighbors just like we did growing up!

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