Monday, December 1, 2008

Oh what a Night!

We had a great day/evening...even with the Bears loss to the Vikings. I finished putting up our Christmas Tree....

Notice the wrapped gifts under the tree? Yeap, I am quite proud of that myself!!!!! I am on the ball this year. I only have Brett to shop for and then I have to get a few presents online which have been back ordered.

So back to our night. We had good family feud last night with the Football game. Brett insisted that she wear her Purple and Gold...provided by the Stephenson Fam in Dakota who were tired of seeing her in her Bears Cheerleading outfit.

He beat me to the punch early sunday morning and had her dressed and ready for Sunday nights game before I was even up.

Here's Brooklyn drinking her sorrows away after the game....I think she's a Bear fan at heart.....

Sorry Daddy!

Alright, so our exciting night actually started at 230 this morning when Brooklyn decided it was play time. She was up, and not just up and fussy because she lost her Binky (which is her world when she's in her crib). Our baby was UP! She was bright eyed bushy tailed and pulling herself up on the crib rails. I got her out, nursed her and rocked her hoping to get her back to sleep....oh no She was UP! wanted nothing to do with sleep. At first she was in a rather spunky mood, but then it got worse. She was crying, fussing, arching and it all progressed to screaming. I definately thought she was in some sort of pain, Gas? Teething? your guess was as good as mine. I walked her around the house. Attempted the Swing and Attempted the Bouncy. The Little Mermaid even joined us in our fun. All attempts quieted her for about 10-15 mins then it was tears tears and more tears. SUCKED! I felt bad for her and I wanted to cry. I knew sleep was a must for me since I have to work tonight and poor Brett had to get up at 6 this morning. Brooklyn probably finally fell asleep at about 545 this morning. It only lasted til about 9. She's up again, won't nap, but I am thankful to say she's not acting like she's in pain. She just wants to play now. What I would give for a good nap right now!!!!!!


Lindsay Teague Moreno said...

holy crap...i don't have anything yet! You're good!

alexisandkyle said...

I'm pretty sure I have a baby picture like that :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry to say Mae but I am very, very disappointed in you. How do you let your child wear Viking clothing???? Now I know why the Bears got kicked. thanks Mae.
You better have her wearing Bears clothing for the Thursday night game.... and I want to see pictures to prove it.