Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

We spent the evening at the Heetlands enjoying a wonderful home cooked meal and the company of the Heetland family! Finally getting a chance to meet Kelly and Shawna's beautiful daughter, Kennedy. And now we are tucked away in our bed watching the celebrations on TV! Are we getting old or what?! We both agree that we'd rather be here then fighting the cold and crowds at some block party. We've both been there done that. We're right where we would want to be ringing in the new year! It's been a great year for us and we continue to hope for wonderful blessings in 2010! Cheers to all those celebrating! Have a drink for me please :)!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I attempted to lay down for bed over 2 hours ago. And now here I lay, in front of my computer, blog stalking :-). At first it was indigestion that kept me up so I popped a few tums and now it's a mix of that and contractions. I think i've psyched myself into thinking that this baby may come sooner then later, so now I'm concerned (and consumed) with every weird sign and symptom. I have no idea what it's like to go into natural labor, I was induced with Brooklyn, so I sit here wondering is this it? I keep telling myself that I'll know when it's happening. And it's definitely not happening right now. I feel great and I can't complain. My back been buggin me lately, but the chair massager that Brett got me for Christmas is coming in handy and I'm due for my monthly massage. I would say that work is taking it's toll on me, but I only worked 2 nights the past 16 days. Been getting cancelled for low census and I am cancelled again tomorrow night. I'll take the time off! Life is good. I'm not 9 months pregnant and miserable...which makes me think that Baby might want to stay in longer then she's allowed. Oh well, more time for me to relax and mentally prepare for what's about to happen :) It's a shame I can't sleep when I want though!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

36 weeks of growing a baby

I went to my weekly Dr appt this afternoon and I am very pleased to find out that I am 2 cm dilated and 50 percent effaced. I can still be like this at 40 wks and that would suck, but at least I know I'm not closed and that I am effaced. At least these contractions are doing something and I can hope to go into labor naturally. Who knows...could be any day now or it could be weeks! I kicked it in high gear when I got home though. Cleaning as always, making sure things are organized and I made sure to go up and down the stairs as many times as I could, didn't sit down because I figure that'll help speed things along!!! Then I remembered I better not push it too much cause I have to have enough energy to actually push the baby out if I do go into labor. The other day I came home from work and Brett asked me, as I was about to pass out on the couch, if we were gonna have a baby that day. I thought there is no way I would be able to have a baby at that moment because I was simply too tired...told Brett they'd have to c-section me to get her out if I did go into labor. Another nice reminder that I better take it easy!

The Christmas Card

The one part of the holiday that I dread every year as our lives continue to get busier is sending out Holiday cards. I often wonder if anyone is even going to care if I send them a holiday card or not....of course I wonder how many of the cards I send out go from the mailbox to trash within minutes. OH, come on...I know there are some of you out there :-)! Then during the weeks and days leading up to Christmas I realize how wrong I am about sending out holiday cards. The cards sent to us filling up our mailbox are so fun to receive! I enjoy the christmas letters, the updates and more importantly the pictures! So I bite my toungue now everytime I say that I hate sending Holiday cards because I would be so sad if we didn't receive any! It puts our home in the "holiday spirit." So thank you to all those that continue the tradition of Holiday cards and take the time to send some holiday love our way! I promise you that our home is not one to take the card from the mailbox to the trash within minutes. I hang each and every card up with pride.

Until next year.....

P.S. if you didn't receive a card from us this year, blame the postal service....or me cause I simply overlooked your address in my book.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas PIctures

Here's our family photo....

And Brooklyn with Nana and PeePaw

Pictures taken Christmas morning after we came home from church. Brooklyn did good at church (had a bag full of toys and treats for entertainment), but I gotta say kids have impeccable timing for saying such classic things. She was crawling all over the pew and went to go squat she squatted she let out a little "toot" from her rear. Brett and I both looked at each other and her, giggled and then Brooklyn chuckeled even louder and announced "poo poop!" Nice huh?! Good thing we were seated at the back :-)

Since I had to work the night of Christmas we did gifts Christmas eve.

(yeap that's a nice shot of me and how HUGE I am getting...although I don't feel as huge as I look...)

Too my dismay, Brooklyn's new favorite word is "mine"...used in the very possesive sense. We're working on sharing at our house :) so when she got her new puppy it was very tough to tear it away from her.

Please Rent Me (Again!!!)

(repeated Blog Posting from October 2008....need new tenants!)

We just wanted to get your help to spread the word that we're looking for new tenants for our Townhome here in Chandler (Arizona and Warner). So if you know anyone in the phoenix area looking to rent please send them our way! It's a 2 bedroom 2.5 bath....patio and one covered parking space. We rehabed it in 2007 so it's in great condition. All appliances included. Community pool. Available now. Rent is $875 with a deposit of $500...Brett will have more details for any interested takers! So please pass this info to whomever....we really appreciate it!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

Christmas started early this week with making cupcakes. Brooklyn helped Mommy out by eating the cupcakes (don't blame her!)

Then late Tuesday night my parents came in to help us celebrate the holidays. We are very blessed, better yet Brooklyn is super spoiled by many xmas presents this year. I can't tell you how many times Fed Ex and UPS has rang our doorbell with yet another package for her!

We decided to let her open a few last night rather then overwhelm her with gifts tonight, when we planned on opening all of them. So she opened a few presents last night, and of course Deuce took part in it as well.

Brooklyn got a Dora tent with tunnel which she absolutely loved.

She loved her little hideout....

Until Daddy decided to crowd her space.....

Haha...I can't wait to come home one day to find Daddy napping in the Dora tent while the girls are playing somewhere else! So Brooklyn had a great time playing with a few of her new toys. We can't wait to open the rest!

The gift opening "warm-up" went well last night. Brooklyn stayed up later then
normal just so we can have her calm down from all the gift opening and new toys excitement.

Tonight our Christmas festivities continue! Hope Santa enjoys the cookies and milk we leave out for him!

P.S. I have a feeling that my extra tax rebate for 2009 isn't coming for this year. No new progress on that story line.....

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

35 weeks

I am officially 35 wks pregnant as of yesterday and all day yesterday I was convinced I'd have this baby within the next week. Today, however, not as convinced. I was contracting all day long yesterday. About 6 or 7 times an hour. Some were uncomfortable. Nothing regular enough to send me in a panic mode to the hospital, but with that and a number of other classic "early labor" symptoms (which I will spare you the details) I did call the Dr's office to check. They offered for me to come in and get checked, but I declined and figured I'd wait it out to see what comes of it. Go figure that today I've had maybe one contraction. I'm okay with that, no need to hurry anything along! Like I said I can wait til my due date, but I just hope that I'm not sitting here post gestational dates agonizing on when the baby is going to come. Yes 35 weeks is a little early, but I can handle that probably better then I would if you told me I was 41 weeks and still pregnant. Knock on wood. So with all of yeseterday's events I picked up the pace with getting things ready for Baby. I started my lists (some mental and some written) of everything that needs to get done, packed, cleaned, and organized. I was even able to check many things off that list. Pack and Play is set up, Brooklyn's bag is packed, and Brett and My hospital bag is in the works. Figure if I have the things ready to go, I won't need them for quite some time. I really want to wait until after mid Janurary to have this baby. More time with Brooklyn and more time to enjoy being pregnant (Brett's insistant this is our last kiddo, me not as convinced, although I can't see us with more then 2, I just like being pregnant) Anyway, House is also as clean as it'll get, mainly cause Nana Trini and Pee-Paw Hojo arrive tonight from Chicago! So much excitement in our house!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Crazy Curls....

As Brooklyn's hair gets longer and longer the curls keep coming. We love the curls here, especially since I have the straightest hair ever and I have no idea what to do with the curls. I am afraid that as she gets older or gets that first hair cut she might lose the curls, but if you look closely at them they really are dark little spiral ringlets.

After her nap time and sleeping she tends to wake up with them frizzy and out of control, but a little water and mousse therapy fixes that.

I'm not used to dealing with curls so I tend to run my fingers through her hair alot to play with it and of course that doesn't help....these curls just take some getting use to! Please please don't leave!!!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Growing a Baby Progress....

I hit 34 weeks this past week and I just feel exhausted. I have contractions that have a bite to them, but nothing to make me concern to call or head to the hospital. Nothing consistant or regular. Other then just feeling tired all the time, I truly feel great. I'm short of breath and slowing down. I feel aches and pains, especially if I've been on the floor playing with Brooklyn and try to stand up. That's when I am quickly reminded that I'm carting around an extra 20 some lbs. I'm cherishing all the extra moments of rest sleep and relaxation at the house. Baby appears to be head down, as per my last Dr. Appt and after he told me that we both looked down at my belly and said "stay that way!" I feel Baby's feet and legs mainly kicking my upper right tummy quadrant all the time which makes me really believe she doesn't have anymore room in there because she's been in that position for quite some time. I'm nearly done "nesting" At least with her room. I have a few more items to tackle on my to do list, like pack my hospital bag. But I'm waiting until after Christmas for that. Of course there is always cleaning that can be done in the house, but that's an ongoing thing. I'll never be able to permanently take that off my list. All the baby items are clean and put away. I need to get the pack in play out of storage, but that shouldn't be a problem. I need to clean and sterilize all the bottles and breast pump stuff since that's been packed away for a few months now. All minor things, that I have to keep reminding myself can even get done after Baby comes. So slowly but surely things are getting set for when we become a 4 person household! In 2 weeks I have my 36 wk dr appt and from then on I go every week. The Dr. will also "check" me at that point to see if I'm at all dilated or effaced. Please lord let me be!!!! That's all I want from Santa this year! Although I can wait the full 40 weeks (at least I keep telling myself that) I don't want to go a day past that. So there you have growth is progressing. Mommy is doing well, healthy and happy and Baby appears to be also!

He has a NAME!

Brooklyn enjoyed her visit with Grandpa Mike and has affectionately named him "Pee-Paw"
He came to visit this past monday and left earlier today. This afternoon, Brooklyn walked around saying "Pee-Paw....where are you?!" while checking the stairs frequently expecting to see him come down. It was a good visit. We even went to see the Santa (whom Brooklyn call's Tee-tan) at the mall. Here she is waiting patiently in line....

Once it was our turn to visit with Santa, we made the turn around the corner, Brooklyn spotted Santa then preceded to throw herself to the ground screaming and crying in terror. She wanted nothing to do with Jolly ole St. Nick even with Mommy sitting next to him. She went straight for Daddy's arms, crying, and hollared out "Bye Bye" to Santa. So that was it...we laughed and brought her straight to the puppy store to make up for the traumatic event in her life. At the puppy store, all was forgotten.

Brooklyn was in her heaven!!!! I have no doubt that there will be a puppy for christmas in her future (Daddy's too much of a sucker for her these days!)

Later that same night we let Brooklyn open the Christmas presents that Pee-Paw had gotten for her. Deuce of course helped out.....

Thanks Pee-Paw Mike for another wonderful visit!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

False Impressions

I just wanted to point out that the countdown to baby #2 ticker on the side of our blog gives everyone a false impression of what baby is really doing at this point. The fact that the baby shown seems to be "floating" around with only 41 days left before they get evicted from Mom's womb is complete B.S. I can tell you that there is no way that my baby is floating around with all that extra room. In fact I feel baby jabbing away at my diaphragm and ribs all the way down to my hips and pelvis region. I feel the stretch everyday and I can see the baby from outside shifting around trying to make room and get comfy. Don't get tooo comfy Baby!!!....cuz you are getting the boot in 41 days! And friends, don't believe the image on the side of my's not that roomy in there right now!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

thinking about...

Keeping Teenie close in thoughts and prayers today.

Friday, December 11, 2009

potty training

Ughh, I dread this day and the thought of even trying to potty train Brooklyn. In fact I've had multiple conversations with friends of mine just recently about waiting til my child is like 4 (right before they have to go to Kindergarten) before I even attempt. Obviously I was sarcastic, but serious about waiting. I also knew that with Baby #2 coming in less then 2 months that potty training would be something that wouldn't be considered for sometime down the road. Go figure that my kid is the one that shows interest at 18 months. The past week and a half Brooklyn has been obsessed with going to the potty. She'll grab my hand and walk me to the bathroom saying "pee pee" or "poo poo" and insist on sitting on the toilet. So we'll go through the whole ordeal of getting her down to her bare bum, sitting her on the toilet, have her hang out there for a few minutes for absolutely nothing. She'll say or sign that she's done, but again, there's nothing. That really doesn't surprise me at all. I don't think she's at the point of recognizing a wet or dirty diaper or the sensation of having to use the bathroom. I think more she's just interested in sitting on the toilet (which makes me think I need to give my kid more to do for entertainment!) Maybe this is just a phase? I have a feeling that it'll still be a long while before she's actually potty trained, but man oh man did I really not want to do this right now. Plus, I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I AM DOING!!! I just know that everything I read says that your child will tell you when they are ready and to not force it. They will show signs. Because she's interested I can't very well ignore her....well I can, but i'd feel incredibly guilty. We'll see how long she really keeps the interest up and how well this actually goes....this weekend though we're off the the store for some potty chairs though...figured I might as well have them just in case she does decide to catch on. Keep you posted on our progress...doubt we'll get anywhere, but hey you never know!!!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Auntie Rey Rey noticed on my last post all of Brooklyn's puppies that she had and wanted to know how many she actually had.

26, 4 are missing from the picture including the 2 on the way....she's getting 2 more for christmas, but shhh don't tell her. It's very much Brooklyn's obsession since pretty much day one. Everything is puppies, and she will gravitate towards all things puppies. She loves saying "PUP-PEESE!" as well as "woo woo." The toy aisle at any store and she'll scoop up as many puppies as she can get her tiny hands on....hence the 26 that we now own. All the puppies seen in the picture are pretty much in rotation in her everyday play as well as many of them make it in her crib for bed time.

Side note...Brett's officially on vacation this week and next week...which has been awesome! Brooklyn has been loving all the Daddy time and bonding she's been getting.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


The other morning I went to get Brooklyn up and this is what I found....precious huh?

Then I went to pick her up and start her normal daily routine....

I have a feeling that our little girl may not be one of those get up and go type of girls. Her hair requires some management and "taming" to say the least, before she faces the rest of the world. Oh well, she's still beautiful and she can make anything work! We love her crazy locks at this household!

Small Closet Solution

So my big dilemma was how I was going to combine the 2 closets of clothing that Brooklyn has into 1 closet in order to make room for Baby #2 and her belongings. I started to store away in bins, clothes that were way too big at this point (Thanks to Grandma she has outfits for when she's 4) and then I saw this at my local Bed Bath & Beyond....

This metal bar hangs from the existing closet structure rod and adds an extra row! I've never been much of a drawer person to store clothing because I find that the things that get folded and placed under everything end up getting forgotten about....I know wierd. So now I have a whole extra row for all of Brooklyn's clothes and have made room for baby #2! I still had to use bins for the larger clothes, but the extra rod was a complete god send. And after my 20% coupon (which I collected in mass quanities a few weeks ago from my wonderful friends for other projects that I had and was in a hunt for the coupons) I only spent $10!

Monday, December 7, 2009


After my last post I have had a few requests for pictures of my growing belly. With this pregnancy I haven't been as good about taking pictures of the belly only because I take pictures of Brooklyn and think more people will be more interested in seeing her growth progress then my pregnant belly.
Anyway, so here's a reminder what I look liked at 33 weeks pregnant with Brooklyn....

And here's the Pregnant belly with baby #2, at 33 weeks. Taken today.

I included a few angles just to drive home the point that I don't think I am "ready to pop" A reminder of what "ready to pop" looks like for me....

The picture above was taken a few days before I had had Brooklyn, so in my opinion I still have a lil ways to go!!! Not ready to pop by any means!