Wednesday, January 28, 2009

No Ice Storm here!

I heard about the nasty ice storm back in the midwest and I am reminded on how lucky I am to be living in such beautiful weather. Today Brooklyn and I joined a few friends at Anjee and Will's house for a playdate. We sat out in the sun and enjoyed the gorgeous day!!!

Check out that blue sky!!!! Not s single cloud!

Attempting the tricycle.....

Vroom Vroom!!! Mommy I go fasttttt!

I was a bad playdater and didn't catch any pics of the other kiddos except these two!

Aren't Amaya and Will the cutest?! And they are growing soo fast! I like seeing them progress and getting an idea of what Brooklyn's gonna be doing.....
I will steel more pics from Anjee once she posts them....she's better at snapping pics then I am....

Brooklyn crashed out in her car seat within a minute...I don't think I had even pulled out of the drive way before she was fast asleep. I didn't get a chance to run errands like I had wanted so I am waiting for her to wake up from her nap so we can head back out to do errands. For now its more cleaning!!!!

Check out her choppers!!!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Newest Toy....should be on everyones wish list!!!

I wanted to share a picture of the newest addition to our toy boxes.....

She's a little monkey! Best toy ever! Gets into everything. Doesn't let anything get in her least she acts like nothing is getting in her way of what she wants. That's why I had to move the couch over as you can see in the picture. I guess tonight she started crawling up the stairs without any assistance. I wasn't at home to witness that...I just got a text message from the hubbie! She stands with ease as long as there is something to grab a hold of and apparently now she's crawling up on it. We definately have a lil monkey! Let the FUN begin!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Is she REALLY my daughter?

Guess shopping wasn't entertaining enough for her! I haven't exposed her too much to my bad habits huh? She just wasn't having any fun this day and wanted to just take a nap I guess....must have gotten her lack of shopping enthusiasm genes from Brett. Definitely not a trait I carry!!!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Still Here....

I have no pictures to share, just wanted to post and say HI! We had a great long weekend thanks to MLK day. We went shopping for a new car today...came home with the same one and completely annoyed at Car Salesmen. Oh well... We met up with some the Rodenbaugh Gang at the doggie park this afternoon and Brooklyn and Brooks had fun watching the pups. More importantly Deuce had fun hanging out with Bravo, just like old times! He loves his buddy! Can't wait to hang out again soon guys! It's been way to long!

Brooklyn had a huge heaping of Mac and Cheese this night for dinner. LOVED it! We let her go to town with it and eat with her fingers and boy did she go to town! She got most in her mouth but the rest of it ended up all over her face, hair, and Deuce enjoyed the scraps. She went straight to the tubby afterwards. She has done so well eating whatever we give her...she enjoyed some homemade eggplant parmesean last night. I am keeping my fingers crossed that she stays s good eater!
Brooklyn continues to be the happiest part of my day....(well her and Brett of course!...and can't forget about Deuce) She's crawling all over, up and all fours now and mixes it in with the army crawl. She's cruising on the furniture now and is rarely in the same spot we put her in. Anything we block her away from she spends her time trying to get the moss in the pot of our fake tree. The other day rather then play with the toys she played in the toy box where they are stored. I got a kick out of finding her in there!

Anyway, we need to figure out what is wrong with our camara soon. I'll surely regret it once Brooklyn does something that I can't capture on film.... The camara has always been within reach since the day we brought her home. Good thing we have a disposable camaras left over from the wedding!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Tooth Dreams....

I told Brooklyn last night to dream about getting some teeth and who would have thought it would work?! This afternoon I was checking out her gummy smile and felt her one lil tooth poking thru. Yay! We won't have to get her dentures after all!


Our family has enjoyed are wonderful weekend together. We haven't had a weekend off at the same time without the holiday craziness in a a few months so Brett Brooklyn Deuce and I have all been enjoying our time together. Brett and I went out for a date night Friday night and had dinner, teppanyaki style, and went to a movie...Gran Torino (great flick and we both highly recommend it!) Our friend Amy came to sit for us that night so we could get away. All went well, as we expected. Brooklyn loves her sitters...Amy who we were lucky to have while she is on school break and Lily who watches her during the weekdays so I can sleep. We've been blessed to have such great help.

Saturday we went to Babies R Us and finally got a gate for the top of the stairs. It wasn't too bad to install, but my gosh, thank goodness Brett and I aren't "wide" people beacuse we have to squeeze thru the gate part to get thru.

Gating up the baby mean gating up the puppy too...Poor Deuce!

Last night we enjoyed a nice evening with the Mantle's. Boys watched the game and Nicole and I played with the girls and got caught up in each others lives! It was great to have adult interaction.... Don't have any pics from our night, but Ella and Brooklyn played very well and thank you Ella for sharing all your fun toys with her! and dinner was scrumptious!!!!! yummy yummy! Thanks Nicole!

I did however snap some pics from our impromptu play date with Amaya and Becky the other day. Brooklyn and Amaya had fun at the park. Brooklyn enjoyed as Amaya showed her the ropes of the park...

Apparently Brooklyn thought Amaya might need some help with cleaning out her ears...

"Hey where'd she go?!" says Brooklyn

Then today Brett and I had fun watching Brooklyn figure out her push walker. She's not ready for it quite yet, but she still had a blast playing with it. She'll take a couple steps with it and then get distracted and start playing with the sides or the handle bars...Like I said in the past WE ARE NOT READY TO HAVE HER WALKING!

She's obviously having sooo much fun! Check out the smiles we got from her!

While Brooklyn was taking a nap Brett and I tackled the shrubs, weeds, and god knows what else in the back yard. It'll be a long few months process, but Hojo you'll be happy to know we started! Alright, back to enjoying my awesome weekend. I love my family...they truly are the happiness in my life.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Discoveries.....

Brooklyn's found the doggie door and has been quite interested on the whole world outside. That's more motivation for us to finally fix up the backyard. 3 years in this house and you'd think it would be done by now huh?!

We are in serious need to baby proof this house because of this now. She's crawling around everywhere and I can't take my eyes off her anymore. Last night she took her first and ONLY major spill out of the highchair with THANKFULLY minor injuries. She's got one tiny red bump on her noggin which is one of those that you would have to be looking for to find. She cried for a minute and then went right back on to playing. Her chubby self must have cushioned the fall! I'm not quite ready to talk about the tumble from the highchair quite yet....I still feel awful and ashamed that it happened and truly want to cry when I think of it. Brett says it's not my fault...but I don't care...she's my baby and I hated seeing her kinda hurt. She slept with us last night...that's how bad I felt, I didn't want to take my eyes off her....

So we lowered her crib to prevent her from spilling....too bad we can't lower the highchair!!!! Here is Daddy and Brooklyn hard at work lowering the bed.

Brooklyn cruising along checking out Daddy's handy work

Here's a pic from lunch on Saturday with Martin's daughter Anna. Brooklyn and her just loved each other. Thanks for all the kisses and hugs Anna!!!

Pics from Ellie's birthday festivities......
What a beautiful Korean Princess huh?! Brooklyn enjoyed the birthday party!!!!

I finally am able to put a tiny...I'm talking TINY.... ponytail on the top of Brooklyn's head now with her long "bangs" that have been growing in.

Here she is enjoying table foods now....

I'm trying to introduce her to as much food as possible so she's not a picky eater and I'm really trying to get ween her from baby foods to table foods. I did make her own baby food the other night and wow was that easy! No more Gerber for me!!!!!

She loves her toast....and so does Deuce. I definately don't need to sweep up when she's done eating!

Deuce patiently sitting waiting for her to give up the toast and Brooklyn LOVES to taunt him with it!! Poor dog....

Still no teeth and just our gummy smile! Oh well....she can go to kindergarten with her gummy smile. No one would make fun of her at all!!!!!

Alright, that's all the pics I have to share for now...

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year (belated)

Alright, so I know I am late with this one by a few days, but Happy New Year!!!!!!!!
Brett and I enjoyed the new year with great friends of ours, Kelly and Shawna! We had a great time even though they had to bail early since Shawna wasn't feeling so hot. Pregnancy does that to you!!! Congrats to the 2 of them for their upcoming expansion! Talking with them about the pregnancy really got me thinking about going for round 2....still in the thinking stage though. Anyway, New Years eve really reminded me of how old we're getting.....I was passed out by 1145 and could not keep my eyes open to ring in the new year with the hubbie! I had no desire to be out at any party or bar or street festival like I would have been a few years ago. I was quite content being at home and enjoying my family and friends. Thank you Shawna and Kelly for coming over and celebrating with us!

Yesterday was Ms. Ellie Kaitlyn Tatham's 1st birthday, today was her celebration!!!! I can't believe it's been a year! She was quite the darling Korean princess tonight! I'll post pics soon.... we had a great time at her birthday party and loved seeing all the Korean traditions.

This morning Brett and I lowered Brooklyn's crib (well Brett did, Brooklyn and I supervised) There have been a few times we've walked in and Brooklyn has pulled herself upright and has been standing there to greet us....we figured it was time before she decides to try and greet us outside her crib. Brooklyn LOVES to be in the standing/upright position. She's constantly trying to pull herself up on everything, mainly us. Today she was standing up beside the crib and started to skimmy over to the other end while holding the bars of the crib. I AM SOOO NOT READY FOR WALKING! We are needing to baby proof the house more and get more baby gates up. She's crawling around and is mastering her skill of army crawling. She doesn't have much speed yet, but that's coming soon. She's definately never in the same spot I put her down in anymore. I definately didn't think that she would crawl anytime soon since she's hated tummy time. CRAZY how fast she's growing!!!

Brooklyn was a champ today since we had quite the busy afternoon. We left the house at 11 this morning to meet up with Martin and Azy for lunch in Tempe...Martin is a good friend of Brett's from college and Azy is his wifey. They were in town visiting with their daughter Anna who is 3. Brooklyn made a new buddy today and just loved Anna! Then we ran a few errands after lunch and went Ellie's Bday party. I normally don't like to keep Brooklyn out that long since she's trapped in her carseat for alot of it and then doesn't really nap. I was quite impressed that she did well through it all! She didn't fuss and wasn't hard to entertain at all! She did manage to pass out in Daddy's arms while Ellie was opening her presents and she did get a good snooze on the drive home and we made it back by 7. Long Day! I have pics I need to post and will get to that on my next day off....patience Mom! :-)