Sunday, January 11, 2009


Our family has enjoyed are wonderful weekend together. We haven't had a weekend off at the same time without the holiday craziness in a a few months so Brett Brooklyn Deuce and I have all been enjoying our time together. Brett and I went out for a date night Friday night and had dinner, teppanyaki style, and went to a movie...Gran Torino (great flick and we both highly recommend it!) Our friend Amy came to sit for us that night so we could get away. All went well, as we expected. Brooklyn loves her sitters...Amy who we were lucky to have while she is on school break and Lily who watches her during the weekdays so I can sleep. We've been blessed to have such great help.

Saturday we went to Babies R Us and finally got a gate for the top of the stairs. It wasn't too bad to install, but my gosh, thank goodness Brett and I aren't "wide" people beacuse we have to squeeze thru the gate part to get thru.

Gating up the baby mean gating up the puppy too...Poor Deuce!

Last night we enjoyed a nice evening with the Mantle's. Boys watched the game and Nicole and I played with the girls and got caught up in each others lives! It was great to have adult interaction.... Don't have any pics from our night, but Ella and Brooklyn played very well and thank you Ella for sharing all your fun toys with her! and dinner was scrumptious!!!!! yummy yummy! Thanks Nicole!

I did however snap some pics from our impromptu play date with Amaya and Becky the other day. Brooklyn and Amaya had fun at the park. Brooklyn enjoyed as Amaya showed her the ropes of the park...

Apparently Brooklyn thought Amaya might need some help with cleaning out her ears...

"Hey where'd she go?!" says Brooklyn

Then today Brett and I had fun watching Brooklyn figure out her push walker. She's not ready for it quite yet, but she still had a blast playing with it. She'll take a couple steps with it and then get distracted and start playing with the sides or the handle bars...Like I said in the past WE ARE NOT READY TO HAVE HER WALKING!

She's obviously having sooo much fun! Check out the smiles we got from her!

While Brooklyn was taking a nap Brett and I tackled the shrubs, weeds, and god knows what else in the back yard. It'll be a long few months process, but Hojo you'll be happy to know we started! Alright, back to enjoying my awesome weekend. I love my family...they truly are the happiness in my life.

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