Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year (belated)

Alright, so I know I am late with this one by a few days, but Happy New Year!!!!!!!!
Brett and I enjoyed the new year with great friends of ours, Kelly and Shawna! We had a great time even though they had to bail early since Shawna wasn't feeling so hot. Pregnancy does that to you!!! Congrats to the 2 of them for their upcoming expansion! Talking with them about the pregnancy really got me thinking about going for round 2....still in the thinking stage though. Anyway, New Years eve really reminded me of how old we're getting.....I was passed out by 1145 and could not keep my eyes open to ring in the new year with the hubbie! I had no desire to be out at any party or bar or street festival like I would have been a few years ago. I was quite content being at home and enjoying my family and friends. Thank you Shawna and Kelly for coming over and celebrating with us!

Yesterday was Ms. Ellie Kaitlyn Tatham's 1st birthday, today was her celebration!!!! I can't believe it's been a year! She was quite the darling Korean princess tonight! I'll post pics soon.... we had a great time at her birthday party and loved seeing all the Korean traditions.

This morning Brett and I lowered Brooklyn's crib (well Brett did, Brooklyn and I supervised) There have been a few times we've walked in and Brooklyn has pulled herself upright and has been standing there to greet us....we figured it was time before she decides to try and greet us outside her crib. Brooklyn LOVES to be in the standing/upright position. She's constantly trying to pull herself up on everything, mainly us. Today she was standing up beside the crib and started to skimmy over to the other end while holding the bars of the crib. I AM SOOO NOT READY FOR WALKING! We are needing to baby proof the house more and get more baby gates up. She's crawling around and is mastering her skill of army crawling. She doesn't have much speed yet, but that's coming soon. She's definately never in the same spot I put her down in anymore. I definately didn't think that she would crawl anytime soon since she's hated tummy time. CRAZY how fast she's growing!!!

Brooklyn was a champ today since we had quite the busy afternoon. We left the house at 11 this morning to meet up with Martin and Azy for lunch in Tempe...Martin is a good friend of Brett's from college and Azy is his wifey. They were in town visiting with their daughter Anna who is 3. Brooklyn made a new buddy today and just loved Anna! Then we ran a few errands after lunch and went Ellie's Bday party. I normally don't like to keep Brooklyn out that long since she's trapped in her carseat for alot of it and then doesn't really nap. I was quite impressed that she did well through it all! She didn't fuss and wasn't hard to entertain at all! She did manage to pass out in Daddy's arms while Ellie was opening her presents and she did get a good snooze on the drive home and we made it back by 7. Long Day! I have pics I need to post and will get to that on my next day off....patience Mom! :-)

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Lindsay Teague Moreno said...

before you know it she's going to be cruising around your house!!! :) I keep telling the girls that they need t stop growing. Teagan left preemie clothes and diapers behind yesterday and I DON"T LIKE IT! I want them to stay tiny!!!