Monday, January 19, 2009

Still Here....

I have no pictures to share, just wanted to post and say HI! We had a great long weekend thanks to MLK day. We went shopping for a new car today...came home with the same one and completely annoyed at Car Salesmen. Oh well... We met up with some the Rodenbaugh Gang at the doggie park this afternoon and Brooklyn and Brooks had fun watching the pups. More importantly Deuce had fun hanging out with Bravo, just like old times! He loves his buddy! Can't wait to hang out again soon guys! It's been way to long!

Brooklyn had a huge heaping of Mac and Cheese this night for dinner. LOVED it! We let her go to town with it and eat with her fingers and boy did she go to town! She got most in her mouth but the rest of it ended up all over her face, hair, and Deuce enjoyed the scraps. She went straight to the tubby afterwards. She has done so well eating whatever we give her...she enjoyed some homemade eggplant parmesean last night. I am keeping my fingers crossed that she stays s good eater!
Brooklyn continues to be the happiest part of my day....(well her and Brett of course!...and can't forget about Deuce) She's crawling all over, up and all fours now and mixes it in with the army crawl. She's cruising on the furniture now and is rarely in the same spot we put her in. Anything we block her away from she spends her time trying to get the moss in the pot of our fake tree. The other day rather then play with the toys she played in the toy box where they are stored. I got a kick out of finding her in there!

Anyway, we need to figure out what is wrong with our camara soon. I'll surely regret it once Brooklyn does something that I can't capture on film.... The camara has always been within reach since the day we brought her home. Good thing we have a disposable camaras left over from the wedding!

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