Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentines!!!!

Hugs and Kisses to everyone! We hope it was a good holiday for everyone full of love! Brett and I enjoyed a quick valentines dinner before I had to go to work and then Brooklyn and Brett had Daddy Daughter date night.... Brett surprised us both with roses last night. Red ones for me and Pink ones for Brooklyn. He also insisted that I share my box of chocolates with Brooklyn....hmmmmm. Not happening!

Brooklyn Update

This afternoon I came to a realization that my beautiful lil daughter is no longer a baby anymore! She's getting so big and is a lil girl now. She's not the lil baby that I can cuddle with and she'd stays put. She's out exploring her surroundings and is on the go! I realized how big and grown she was getting when she was sitting up in my lap as we were reading a book this afternoon. She sat and read with me, interested and then the minute I closed the book she was on the go! She's not the chunky monkey like she was a few months ago. She's losing her folds and rolls, but thankfully has managed to keep her cheeks! She's stretching out her weight for sure! Still fits her clothes that are 6 months to 9 months and is in size 3 diapers with room to go. She's outgrowing her size 2 shoes which pleases Mommy so I have an excuse to get her new shoes!!!! The other day I was faced with my first challenge (and fear) of using a public restroom with her. I of course just had to pee and couldn't hold it while in the grocery store. So I picked her up, brought her in the stall with me and held her upright and standing in an effort for her to not touch the growdies and coodies of a public restroom all while balancing myself...I'll spare you anymore of the details, but thankfully she can stand with assistance and thankfully she had shoes on. I've gone place before where shoes weren't a priority while walking out the door, but trust me now they are!!! Her hair is getting longer and finally hanging over her ears. So as you can see in the pictures she's been wearing more headwraps. She's losing interest in the TV and would rather sit in the bathroom with me and watch me get ready. Brooklyn pulls herself up on my legs and will walk with me or stand with me while I'm in the kitchen cooking or cleaning up. She's working on walking with her walker but hasn't got that down yet, which we are okay with, but my bet is that she'll be walking by she's one..sorry its not sooner Vicki! If the dog is curled up on my lap she'll crawl right over him to be held, they both love fighting for love and affection. She'd much rather feed herself then be fed by us so I've had the challenge of finding finger food appropriate for her while still introducing new tastes and food...and I've been challenged by keeping the dog away from her so Brooklyn isn't feeding him also. Deuce likes to camp out with his head in her lap under the highchair table waiting to catch the food that falls to her lap. She still only has her bottom 2 teeth, but takes soft solids easily. She still nurses and drinks well from the bottle when I am gone, but I swear she only takes like 12 to 15 oz a day, well below the average but still appears well nourished. My plan is to ween her from nursing the end of next month when we get back from our Chicago trip. I really really don't want to travel with bottles and formula. She's loves peek a boo and loves loves loves to be tickled. We've found she's quite observant and out of no where we will hear her laughing as she's watching us or the dog do something. In an effort to not jinx it I'll refrain from discussing her nap schedule, however I will note that when she wakes up it's due to a dirty diaper. That's my girl!!! Who wants to be sleeping in poopy pants! She'd sleep a whole 12 hours at night if we'd let her, but we don't and again I don't want to jinx that so I'll refrain from details. She isn't the best when it comes to actually laying her down in the crib for bedtime, she'll fuss and cry about it, but Brett and I have been good about letting her cry it out til she falls alseep. It only lasts a few moments. Her favorite toys are her puppy binkies which I've mentioned before that she only uses them in her crib, but lately I've find that when I go to pick her up from her crib she makes the effort to bend over to grab the puppy and looks and me with the "he can come too?" face. She's had a few stranger anxiety moments, but has done well considering she really is only with the sitter once a week, which mind you is at our house while I am upstairs sleeping. I'm not worried that'll she would have a melt down if I were to have to leave her with someone new at this point. Keeping my fingers crossed! The weather has been so wonderful lately that I'm really trying to get her out more even if its to the park a few houses down. For V-day I bought Brett and Brooklyn a bike trailor so she can go on bike rides with we just have to get bikes! hehehe! We finally did our taxes this year and with our return I really really hope to finally get our backyard done. I'm pushing for a fancy swing set also, but Brett insists that I just want to spend money. It'll open up a whole new world of entertaining Brooklyn, at least until it hits 120 outside, then it's back to the indoors! So anyway, as you can see Brooklyn's been our lil busy body. I have lots to share and more importantly this post will be one to print out and put in her Baby book! 2 birds with one stone!

If you are interested in what Brett and I have been up to, well it's not that interesting. We still have all our teeth, not any new ones. We're walking and standing without assitance, stand-by assistance after a few beers though. Our vocab has expanded adding bah bah, at tah, and nah nah nah in efforts to communicate with Brooklyn. We sleep 6- 8 hours at a time (although yesterday since Brett was off I slept from 10 pm til 2 pm the next day! WAHOO!) Thankfully we don't have any new rolls or folds to share or have gone up in clothing size. We also haven't been sized for "Depends" yet either. We're pros at changing baby diapers though. Brett insists that when I get home from work that I should change Brooklyns diapers because he had to do it the whole time while I was gone. I have to keep reminding him that when I leave home to go to work I still have to change diapers, and not for just one baby, 2 and sometimes 3. And sometimes its even Adult poopy pants I have to deal with, but I won't go there. Brett still works for Chase and I am still in the NICU and ICU for Banner health. I thank god everyday for our jobs. We have a few trips plan in the next few months. Chicago (for Brooklyn and me), Vegas (for Brett), San Diego, and then Clearwater. Alright, this is getting rather long so I'll end it here.... Tah tah for now!


Becky said...

Brooklyn, I am soooo proud of your parents. They can still stumble and walk when enebriated without assistance. And you, you little stinker. You'll be chasing the other kids at playdate before we know it. How time flies. Can't wait to see you at our next gathering. And meanwhile...try not to tease your "brother" quite so much. Smile, smile.

Deb said...

I have a google search on the words 'Brooklyn' and 'bike' because I often rid a bicycle in Brooklyn, NY. I will probably know when your Brooklyn starts riding.

The best of luck to you all.