Friday, February 20, 2009

New Discoveries

Brooklyn here.....

Did you know that my Mommy keeps a cabinet full of plastic thingys in the kitchen?! I found them the other day and ohhh my goodness it soo much fun! I climb into the cabinet (when Mommy is not looking of course) and sort thru the haven full of grand new toys. I often see my Mommy putting food in them, but what fun is that?! It's way more fun to toss them around and chew on them. I throw them around all over the kitchen floor and giggle at my Mommy when she steps on them and makes a yelping sound.

Did you also know that my puppy, Deuce-er, is the best cuddler ever? My Mommy and Daddy tell me that he normally only cuddles with me after I have fallen asleep because I like to pull at his tags, ears, tail and hair all the time so he won't cuddle anymore, but the other day I found out that if I just lay with him and not bug him all the time he'll lay right with me! He's my best friend!

I also found out that I love to ride on my Mommy's shoulders, but my Mommy says she doesn't like doing that too much because she's afraid I'll fall so I only get to do it every so often when Daddy is around to supervise :-)

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Casey said...

When riding on your shoulders does she use your hair as a handle...Brooks does :)