Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Reality junkie!

I am attempting to blog while in bed from my phone. Just checking to see if this works. If it does I might learn to love my blackberry after all! Alright I would love to know everyones thoughts on 1) bachelor... Molly?! Really over Jillian? 2) american idol... LOVE David Gokey though wasn't a fan of this weeks song choice and would have prefered Anoop over Michael. 3) top chef... Stefan!?! He makes me want to vomit!


Lindsay Teague Moreno said...

1. HATE my Blackberry
2. Didn't watch the Bachelor this season
3. American Idol: THANK GOD the drama chick is OUT!
4. Stephan...WHAT? Over Fabio? Please. He was my fave. Stephan sucks. I think Carla should win now.

The West Family said...

Molly is a robot.
Danny Gokey rocks!
Don't watch Top Chef.

Riecke's said...

I hope the rumor isn't true about The Bachelor, but then again since Jillian is gone...I guess the more drama the better for me! And yes, I agree Anoop over Michael, but oh well. I like Michael too. I am also a fan so far of Danny, but still 24 to go.... I don't watch the chef shows so no comment. Ok, til next week! See you Sunday!

Casey said...

It makes me feel better about myself to know that you love TV just as much as I do!

Kasey said...

Totally could not believe Jillian went home! She was so the best one for him. But what do I know. I so need to watch less reality tv. The new season of Top Model is about to start. But I am glad I am not the only one. BTW I am a friend of Rachelle's.

Nicole said...

totally agree on the american idol David Gokey!! and thought Anoop had it. Good to know someone else is just as obsessed. not so much a bachelor or top chef fan....we have too much tv with biggest loser and lost and idol(oh and of course, Dora!)! bad, bad, bad!

Becky said...

#1 I still think Jason and Deanna are meant to be together. But if that doesn't happen, I do like Molly and Jason as a second choice.

#2 Loved Danny Gokey since his first audition. I'm hoping he goes all the way!

#3 Don't watche Top Chef, so can't comment there. Survivor is our other reality show!