Wednesday, March 4, 2009

AC in March!?

So Monday brought us 90 degree weather (sorry to my east coast/midwest pals getting snow!) and tons of sun beating down on the house. I kept pushing off putting on the AC in the house and the minute the sun went down all the windows got opened and the ceiling fans full blast in hopes to bring in the cool night time air and cool the house down. Well the house temp kept steadily increasing to 83 degrees. Now normally I would have just grinned and beared through the warm house temps because I am really against using the AC in march, but at 10 pm when I went to check on Brooklyn she was burning up. She wasn't spiking a temp because of the hot house, but I am sure that didn't help it. So in an effort to cool her down I had to turn on the Air. When I checked Brooklyns temp it was 101.5 of course it was under her arm and I woke her to get it and she wasn't happy about it and then it became a battle to get the temperature so who knows how accurate that was. Anyway, I got her out of her crib brought her downstairs to calm her back down and cool her down and gave her some tylenol. She got to stay up with us for about 15mins and went back to sleep without a fuss. Poor baby is probably getting her top teeth. She's been whiney and clingy the past few days. Not like her at all. She'll crawl to wherever Brett and I are and pull her self up and stand at our legs and whine til we pick her up. I'm hoping its just her teething, but I felt her top gumline and can't feel anything. Who knows. I just hate the AC being on and I hate even more that our baby girl wan't feeling good. Good news is Tuesday morning she woke up without a fever and is acting a tad bit more like herself.

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The Nutting Family said...

Good gosh it's been like 25 here the past 3 nights... supposed to be getting warmer... wanna trade??