Friday, March 6, 2009

Bathing Suit Season....already?

I picked up a bathing suit for Brooklyn today while running errands. There are soo many cute ones out there I just couldn't resist. I have a feeling she might have more then just one this summer.

Anyway, March is going to be a busy month for us so I won't have much time to run errands so I tried to tackle a bunch of my much needed shopping this afternoon between nap times. Before we know it we will be headed to San Diego in April where Brooklyn will get the chance to try out her new suit.

Brooklyn was quite the handful this afternoon and has been the past few days. I'm really hoping its just her teeth coming in and not some new phase she's entering. Once she's entertained she's happy as can be! So today among all the shopping and errands we did we also picked up a few new toys for her. Though we buy her toys that you think would suit her and this is what she would rather play with.....


Sherry said...

(This is for the last picture.) She is so just trying to help her mom put the diapers away!:)

Anonymous said...

Dearest Brooklyn,

Yeah! I can't wait for swimdates! They are my favorite. Love your suit, girlfriend. It's totally adorable on you! See you soon.

Love always,

Riecke's said...

Oh look Brooky and I have the same body in a swimsuit...okay fine, yes she pulls it off much better than I do! Oh to be a baby again! Hee hee! She looks so cute....yah, I see her having more than one suit this summer!