Thursday, March 12, 2009

Butterfly entertainment....

Yesterday we went to lunch with Anjee and Will. Brooklyn was fascinated with her boyfriend and enjoyed sharing her chicken and snacks with him. Brooklyn has really gotten shy when it comes to strangers lately but anyone 3 ft and under she really takes a liking too. After lunch we treked over to Babies R Us to do a little shopping....which is trouble. $150 dollars later Brooklyn and I returned home with goodies galore! We picked up a new butterfly rocker which Brooklyn enjoyed at the store, although it's hard to tell if she enjoyed the rocker or the fact that Will was jostling her back and forth in it. Regardless when Brooklyn laughs and smiles it becomes hard for Mommy to resist. So we came home with it. Good news is that she still enjoyed it just the same when we got home. But I bet she would have more fun if Will was around....can we borrow him? Deuce is always skeptical over new things that we bring home so he spent the first 15 minutes barking at it like it was supposed spring to life and attack him.

So I got cancelled again tonight from work (by choice) and that means that I won't have to work again til Sunday night...I last worked on Monday. It's been really nice to not have to work since the weather outside is GORGEOUS and it gives me a chance to clean and straighten up around here before our big trips in the next few weeks. I work 3 days next week and then I have 8 days off again! I have packed already for our chicago trip, which wasn't soo hard since it's all winter clothes that need to go in the suitcase and we're not using any of those anymore. I needed to pack early to make sure that I get everything in one suitcase. I also have been planning in my head how it's all supposed to work since I am traveling with Brooklyn alone. Packing for a 9 month old is challenging! I'll let you know how the plane ride goes because I imagine that will be even more challenging! I have been getting anxious over the thought of it!

So back to my reality TV.... Watched Idol last night and was glad to see Jorge go...he creeps me out. Was kind of sad to see Jasmine go, although I don't know who I would have rathered seen go instead of her. I like them all. Danny, Allison, and Adam are my favorite. I got roped into watching Dancing with the Stars, since Melissa from the Bachelor is in it, and plus I like Shawn Johnson. Other then those 2 shows I haven't really gotten into anything else. I'll wait patiently for the new Bachelorette to start May 18th and thankfully Idol is on 2 times a week!

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