Saturday, March 7, 2009

Cancelled from work

I was supposed to go in and was pleasently surprised to get cancelled. It was a gorgeous day out today and we had met up with Sarah (Brett's friend from Valley City) to have lunch and then ran some errands. So I wasn't even in the mood to go to work anyway.

Instead of work Brett Brooklyn and I enjoyed a bike ride around the neighborhood.

We're not crazy enough to take our bikes outside of the neighborhood and ride in the bike lanes thru the major streets. AZ drivers are CRAZY!

Brooklyn always enjoys the rides, sometimes she even sings as she takes in the scenery!

When we got back we tackled the weeds in the front yard. Good news is that the landscaper will be her Monday to start our backyard! YAY! Finally!!!!!! He'll spray all the weeds down on monday and then hopefully in a week they'll be dead so he can come back and start demolition. By next Thursday we'll have our own lil oasis, just in time for us to leave and go on vacation to Chicago :-)! We're gonna get him to trim up the front yard too while he is at it. I know I have mentioned time and time again how pathetic our backyard is right now so I thought I would post some pics just so you all can see for yourselves!

Brett didn't want me to post any pics because he thinks it's embarassing, but I don't think soo, PLUS when I post pictures of the final product you'll really understand how thankful we are to have finally gotten it done! ( and yes Anjee that is my ab lounger in the picture! I figured you'd be the 1st to point it out...obviously not getting much use since we don't hang out back there!) 3 years in the house and we still have yet to enjoy the backyard! And we even bought this house because of the large sized backyard! 4200 sq feet of backyard is not very common for AZ unfortunately that means landscapers like quote us oodles and oodles of dollars to finish it up. We finally found someone affordable....thank you Tax return! It's about time we get this done! We're getting grass in the center about 6 or 7 trees 1 orange and 1 lemon and in the far right corner will be a play area for Brooklyn. We're still shopping, but I am thinking that this might be the playset we're going to buy for Brooklyn's 1st birthday.

So our next project will be setting that up once we finally buy it! Goal is to have it done by Brooklyn's Birthday Luau! (another topic in dispute at the Stephenson's!) So Grandpa Hojo you might be out there in the sun with Brett setting it up the night before her birthday, just a warning since we like to procrastinate in this house!


Becky said...

Ooooo, fun. Amaya can't wait to come and play on Brooklyn's new playset! Can't wait to see the finished product.

John, Erin and Jaxon said... had a bunch of great play areas/swingsets for a pretty good price! Jaxon will be so jealous. our whole backyard is pool and gates. he has a side yard to play in...not thrilling. your new yard sounds wonderful!