Sunday, March 22, 2009

Greetings from Chicago!

Brooklyn and I have been enjoying our trip to Chicago thus far. We've been hanging out with the family going to all my hometown favorite places to eat and seeing friends. Perfect way to spend a vacation. Brooklyns first trip to Chicago and we've had great weather and a great time soo far. Our plane adventure by ourselves didn't go so hot however. The first glitch we came across was while we were still at home and we had a major opps on our way out. Brooklyn got her finger stuck in the sliding back door and to spare you the details and on how and what...she's now missing her nail. BREAK MY HEART!!!! I cried and hollared right along with her! So as you can imagine that took a major delay on our trip out the door. Believe it or not we manage to make it to the airport in time. I cried in the car and Brooklyn, that champ that she is, just slept!!! I knew that it was going to be a tought trip so I premedicated...I did tylenol and when we to the airport and thru security I did benadryl. Well that nearly backfired on us since she was sooo tired by the time that we took off and wasn't comfortable enough on Mommys lap so she squirmed and cried. Finally after 20 mins into the flight she slept. For 40 mins. Woke up and I busted out my bag of tricks and one by one came out toys she's never seen before, the dvd player, with Kai Lan and Baby Einstein, a container full of blueberries and yogurt melts. We managed to survive, and about 40 mins left with in the plane ride and the lady next too me decided she's help entertain Brooklyn with me. So Brooklyn was content with a new face. Mind you this whole time I kept trying to keep a a bandaid on her new ooooowweeee. Yeap, that never worked well. Her hands were in everything knocking loose the bandaid. The germs were collecting on her new open soar and my head was going nuts at the thought of all new coodies feeding on her finger. YUCK! (Side Note: I cloroxed wiped off the seat and it's surroundings on the plane when we first sat down) So anyway, I could no longer stand it anymore so I tried to at least use hand sanitizer on her and thankfully we were already deboarding the flight because she hollared out and let everyone know it! I wanted to just die and cry with her. Alright so we were able to get over it and now we are all better. I'm glad to report that Brooklyn doesn't act like her fingers bothering or that anything even happened. She's her normal self.
Yesterday we went to Sheri's house for a visit and lunch.

She enjoyed visiting with her Auntie Sheri and exploring her awesome house. She of course loved her poodles. I have found on this trip thus far that Brooklyn is very shy with strangers, but bring in any furry creature taking the form of a dog and she's all over it. I have also found that when she's crawling with determination to get to something she pants like a dog on her way. Cute or No? I think cute for now, but maybe not so much when she's older.

We've been a little off on Brooklyn's schedule and we've been busy running around.
Friday and Saturday we were out and about so she napped in the car here and there.

Today I set aside to keep her here at home so she can have her same routine that she would back in AZ. She's on her same sleep and nap schedule and not trapped in a car all day. We had family come over this afternoon. Yesterday, Ria and Jed, my lil and taller cousin came over and spent the night. Brooklyn's been entertained by both. She had fun watching from the the swing the 3 of us playing tag on the playset. Oh to be a kid again! I think I may have had more fun then Ria and Jed did. PICTURES TO COME. She's been very clingy the last few weeks and especially as of late with all the new faces, but give it some time and she'll warm up. This afternoon Uncle Andro, Auntie Rey Rey withe their child Libby, the kid skeptic, schnauzer came by. Libby barked and barked at Brooklyn, but we did manage to see her sneak a few kisses in with Brooklyn.
One things for sure is that Brooklyn does not get shy around dogs. She LOVES LOVES LOVES dogs. Her smile lights up and she squeals when they enter the room. She'll crawl and attempt to chase the dogs. My Auntie Ida and Uncle Jun came by with my cousin, Sila, the Shi-Tzu. She's a fluffy white ball that Brooklyn was quite intrigued by since they were the same size. Last night we picked up Twlight Movie DVD and I am sitting down for the 3rd time to attempt to watch it while catching up on blogging. The weather was gorgeous this afternoon and we took Brooklyn out for a lil bit to enjoy. Sorry I don't have more pictures to post I am having a few issues with linking my camara to the P's laptop. Only a few more days left her in Chicago...Big SIGH! So I only have a few more days to come up with a plan to convince the hubbie that we need to move here! Odds are that my plan will work? Slim to none! Good thing I have my Hubbie, Deuce, a new Backyard, and Awesome friends to look foward to back in Arizona, but home will always be Chicago to me. Speaking of backyards....CHECK out our finished product!!!! Well first, lets remind you what it used to look like....

And after 2.5 days of work....
TAH DAH!!!!! Fabulous huh? Can't wait to see it in person.

Alright, promise to post more pics when I get back to AZ! For now I intend to take in all the overcast chilly windy weather I can get before I head back to sun and heat! I'm not kidding either.

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