Thursday, March 19, 2009

Home Alone

Brett headed off for his annual boys trip to Vegas early this AM. I saw him shed a tear or two on his way out after Brooklyn and I got our goodbye hugs and kisses.....hehe. He gets back on Saturday, but ever since Brett made me watch the movie Strangers last fall I've cried over the thought of being alone at night here at the house with out him. So since I knew he'd be off to Vegas like he does every year in March I knew I had to plan my trip Chicago here we come!

This past weekend we celebrated Amaya's 2nd birthday party at Oreganos. Brooklyn had soo much fun, she cried the whole way home!

After getting ready for Amaya's party I found Brooklyn in my closet trying to pick out some shoes to match her dress....

We went with the sparkly chuck taylors and headed to party so Brooklyn can party like a rock star with her Bestest Pals!

Brooklyn was more entertained by the birthday present packaging then the presents themselves.... "Mommy! I know these princesses on this bag! I do I do!"

I loved watching the kiddos enjoy the elmo cupcakes. This was Brooklyn's first attempt at frosting and chocolate cake.

Happy Birthday Miss Amaya!!!!!!
Thank you for my Bawwooooon and Hat!

IT's been sooo fun watching Brooklyn play and develop her personality lately. Here she is busy on a phone call to the Power you can see she's a tad to busy to be bothered with pictures.

One of her favorite places to hang out is under our bistro table. She'll scooch the chairs out of the way and drag her toys from down in the family room under there with her. I suppose it's harder for Deuce to bother her under there.

My most favorite time with Brooklyn is mealtime. She's just a riot to watch eat. I found that she loves chicken and it's her favorite food to order when we go out to eat :-)

I gave her Brocoli the other day...and well...see for yourselves....

Skeptical at first and after trying it....she loves it! She just wanted more and more!

Brooklyn's mastering her sippy cup. She chugged 6 ozs of apple juice last night. I can't get her to drink that much milk even in one sitting. But then again since she's still nursing who knows how much she really gets. All I know is that she is still sporting her cheeks!

I had Amy over the other day to watch Brooklyn since Lily had school and Amy is home from Flagstaff for spring break. It didn't go too well the 1st day. She's been very cautious and anxious when it comes to strangers and people she doesnt see on a regular basis. She'll attach herself to our legs and won't let us leave her. The next time with Amy went a bit better then the 1st time. I just had to sneak out the front door so Brooklyn didn't see me so I could run errands.
She learned to love Amy! Good thing she sees Lily on a weekly basis and she's a our great regular sitter since I really can't handle a screaming baby every time she has a sitter. We're soo lucky to have great help with Lily and Amy.

The backyard is getting done and yesterday we had the landscapers over tackling the weeds and dirt. 5 hours later....

The pictures don't do the backyard justice when it comes to really seeing it's size and enormity. And after they cleared the weeds it was funny to go back there because Brett and I and even Deuce had forgotten about how large it is back there.
They'll be back today within the next hour to finish up with the lights and irrigation. By the end of the day the curbing, rock ,and plants should all be done and tomorrow comes the grass! Hooray!

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Becky said...

You got some great photos at the party. I am going to steal them off of your blog. I was a bit to busy. Didn't get a chance to snap that many. Glad Miss Brooklyn enjoyed her first cupcake. Yum. She looks great in red. Smile, smile.