Tuesday, March 24, 2009

PIcs from Chicago

Attempting the straw at dinner...waiting for my chicken!!!!

Still waiting for my chicken so I'll do a little light reading....

Playing with my cousins...they are soo much fun!

Look at how high Jed can swing! Mommy Push me that high!!!!

I just love playing with Ria!

Uncle Andro! Your feet stink!!!

Wait, it's not your feet that stink!!!!!

Thank you Auntie Rey Rey for helping me with my shoes so we can go outside and play....

IT's soo fun here playing in the grass with all the doggies!

What do you mean you just fertilized the lawn Grandpa?! I want to eat the grass! I don't want to go back inside!

I had fun playing with all Mommy's old toys. Whose Cheeks are bigger?

I think yours are!

Grandma made me lots of special treats while I was here. She made cinnamon rolls, apple muffins, pancit, kalderetta (1/2 filipina is better then none!) and gave me lots of mango ice cream.

Grandma was even good about letting me have lots of juice!

I was even a fan of the lemons...

My most favorite thing to do was share my books with Bailey

I don't think Bailey was excited about The Little Mermaid as I!
I had lots of fun on my first trip to Chicago! I can't wait to come back to visit! I promise that next time I won't be so shy and attached to my mommy's leg and I will play more!


Casey said...

Looks like you had a great time Mae! I love the pics!

Mrs. D said...

How adorable are those photos with Bailey! So cute! Great to see you--can't wait for Florida.