Monday, April 6, 2009

Back from Bliss

We got back late last night from our trip to San Diego and I'm suffering from a very bad case of post vacation blues. The purpose of the trip was to go for Keri's baby shower. That was sunday afternoon so Brett Brooklyn and I drove out early Friday morning. We stayed at The Loews Resort in Cornonado Island and we just had an absolute blast. Away from reality with no real agenda it was fantastic! Coronado Island is our favorite place to go when we visit San Diego and it was so awesome to be able to take Brooklyn there. Of course we took plenty of pictures so here are just a random selection!
The night before our vacation Brooklyn and I went to dinner with one of my highschool friends Anjali....Brooklyn loved playing with Anjali and you would have never guessed she's going through her shyness/stanger anxiety phase. Hmm....could it be the long dark hair?

On our drive to San Diego we stopped in Yuma with Breakfast with Brett's Aunt Linda and Uncle Jan. Here is Aunt Linda with Brooklyn...

Brooklyn did great for the drive. She slept all the way to Yuma! It couldn't have gone any better. Here's our resort we stayed at.

The weather on Friday wasn't perfect pool weather but thankfully the pool was heated so we hopped in and took a swim with Brooklyn. She loved the water!

Here she is checking out the birdies that the resort had as pets.

We headed to Seaport Village that night to have dinner and walk around.

We saw the coolest thing right in the bay area, a group of Dolphins swimming and playing around. They were jumping up out of the water and I was just amazed. We don't see that in the Burbs of Chicago or the Arizona desert! I couldn't get any pictures because it was too dark and I was too busy watching with amazement. Then Brett told me there was a shark nearby that was ready for his dinner.....

The next day we headed to the beach which was in walking distance of the hotel. Brooklyn had her first experience with the ocean and sand.

The weather was fabulous that afternoon so we headed to the pool again before lunch and let Brooklyn do some more swimming.

After lunch we headed to the "downtown" area and had some ice cream and walked around the neighborhoods right by the beach. Brooklyn wasn't as thrilled about looking at the neat homes as Brett and I were.

For Dinner we met up with Keri and her family for dinner in La Jolla. We took some time to walk around by the La Jolla coves and check out some Sea Lions.

Brooklyn was more excited to check out the doggies that were hanging our around her. That's my girl! She wanted to escape my lap and play with the puppies!

And I didn't get a chance to get more pictures when we were with Keri and this is our only one....I was too busy visiting with them.

Hopefully Jodi will send some that she took from the shower and such soon so I can post them. We had great weather, not hot, which is perfect since we are about to enter our sweltering summer. It was great to see Keri and her family, and to see Baby Noah growing in her belly! The shower was fun and I just loved see all the cute things that Keri and Rick got for baby Noah! He's gonna be one spoiled lil guy! Can't wait to meet him!

So Brooklyn did wonderful on the road trip, slept pretty much half the way both there and back. It was great! Now that we are back from our 2 major trips in 2 weeks my goal is to ween her from nursing and to have her strictly on sippy cups. I want her to be drinking only from the sippy cup by the time we make our next big vacation in June to florida. She drinks from the sippy cup when its just juice, but from what I hear that is not always the case with milk. We'll see. He latest newest tricks is that she gives her stuffed animal kisses when we ask her too, of course they are wide opened wet kisses, more like I'm gonna eat your mouth off type of kiss, but we'll work on it! We are also working on identifying body parts. She'll point to the tummy of her stuffed animal, but not her own or mine. Ask her any other body part and forget it! So we'll master one at a time. She still loves to try and repeat what we say, although I say "Mama" and 9 times out of 10 she'll spit back "Dada" Daddy smiles at this, I don't find it that humorous! Alright, I better get back to reality and clean my house! UGHHH! I hate the day after vacation, they need to make prozac prn for days like this!

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Becky said...

Oh...looks like so much fun. Glad you guys had a great time. I think I'll head there after this crazy week is done and recover. Smile, smile. Later.