Thursday, April 9, 2009

Brooklyn newest tricks

Lately her newest word has been Uh-Ohhh, with an emphasis on the "ohh" part. Does that count as a word? Anyway, she was saying uh-uh until we finally got her to say the ohh part and now she says it constantly. Then the other day Brett and I taught her how to give us high five. Of course we make a huge deal out of it with the yays and clapping when she does so she smiles and attempts the clapping motion too. That'll be next week's tricks. Crazy how fast she's growing! I want to cherish every moment with her especially with all her innocence and her curiousity with all things around her. I'm just so in love with her. I love teaching new things and I love her eagerness to learn. She's the best!

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The West Family said...

Yay Brooklyn! Uh-oh is a favorite in our house too. :-)