Monday, April 13, 2009

New Steps.

This afternoon Brooklyn and I picked up Daddy and took him out to lunch during his break. We ate at Joes Farmhouse Grill and enjoyed the 80 degree weather outside. Then this afternoon Brooklyn and I video chatted with Grandpa Hojo and Grandma Trini. Brooklyn performed all her new tricks right on cue for them and then ....get this....she took her first steps!!! Holy Cow, right? My parents were able to witness her first steps all the way in chicago, technology is great isn't it?! Now, I know it's a shame that she couldn't do it for Daddy, but she saved some footloosing for him later when he got home. She shocked me when I stood her up just to show my p's how well she was walking with assistance and then I let go to show them how she stood and then she took 2 steps for the chair and my chin dropped. I completely wasn't expecting that. Yay!, but at the same time....uh ohhhhhh... Will see how long it actually takes her to walk now, I wouldn't be suprised if it's still not a few months away. She just doesn't seem sturdy.

This evening I took Brooklyn out to enjoy the backyard and she loved loved loved being out there....even without any toys to entertain her. She was having a blast playing with the rocks and watching Deuce tear around the backyard. It was like watching a real greyhound dog race. So when I decided it was time to head back in, she threw a hissy fit. I put my foot down and took her in, but my little girl found her way right on back there.

Little Stinker!!!! And you can't really tell by the picture but once she got out there she was throwing her arms up and down with such glee and delight, she was quite proud of herself. I couldn't help but laugh....and think Oh lord, this is really gonna suck for Deuce since we have to lock the dog door back up now.

For Easter this year we really took it easy and were laid back about the holiday. We've had quite the crazy busy last few weekends between weddings and trips that we laid low this Easter. Since it was Brooklyn's 1st easter though I did make sure to throw together some Easter baskets for her....and of course Daddy and Deuce got some goodies too.

And yes, those are Doggie treats in the Easter basket. I only had 2 baskets laying around the house so Brooklyn and Deucer had to share one.

My project lately had been to collect things in our spare room that will eventually make its way to the attic. So today I finally put away Brooklyn's gymini mat, since it's really not age /developmentally appropriate now and if she can't climb on it she's not interested. It's been sitting in our bedroom for quite some time. So during Brooklyn's nap I packaged it back up and put it in the spare room. Well when Brooklyn got up from her nap she crawled right into the room and went right for the gymini. GO figure!

This happened with her bumbo chair and her bath tub also. Why does this happen? You think they don't care about something anymore and then you go to put it away and then all of a sudden they act like they can't live without it. Here is her pout face when I refused to take it out of the packaging....

Oh well! That's all I got for now.....


The Newmans said...

She is too cute Mae! I love the pictures!

Becky said...

Walking...what an over-achiever! Way to go Brooklyn. Love the sudsy pics from the previous entry. Super adorable. See you soon.

The Banks Family said...

omg LOVE the pics of her climbing through the doggie door! That is sooo cute!! She looked so proud of herself!! Gotta love it!