Friday, April 17, 2009

Piece of cake!!!!

Alright, so Brooks just got picked up and it was an easy perfect morning with the 2 kiddos. Brooklyn is going to be bummed when she gets up from her nap and her boyfriend is missing. I'll have to keep reminding her that he'll be back next Friday. My biggest challenge was balancing both kiddos, one on each hip, past the security gate on top of the stairs and then make it down the stairs safely. That's nearly half my weight on my hips! Brooklyn and Brooks actually played together.

They were pushing one of Deuce's squeaky balls around the kitchen while I made lunch, which I burnt the first cheese and turkey quesadilla I made because I was too busy snapping pics!

Anyway, Brooklyn was too distracted by staring at Brooks shovel his lunch in his mouth to even feed Deuce. She normally makes sure to share nearly half her meal with him.

During lunch Brooklyn finally started to use her sign language that I have been trying to teach her. I was too busy getting Brooks cleaned up to notice Brooklyn whining for more food (a quesadilla and a container of peaches later...there's a reason she still has rolls and folds!) that when I finally looked up at her she was doing the sign gesture for more....or at least it looked that way. Who knows it could have been a fluke, but we'll still work on it! After I fed them their lunch they played well for a few hours, sometimes together sometimes in seperate areas of the room.

Brooks is getting over a little cold so he was happiest sitting on my lap reading books with me. Good thing Brooklyn wasn't in a clingy mood otherwise that may have been a challenge. Afterwards Brooks laid down for a nap and an hour later so did Brooklyn. PIECE OF CAKE! I loved having a playmate for Brooklyn over at our house. Can't wait til next week. Hopefully it goes as well as today.

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