Friday, April 24, 2009

Two Monkeys put Together....

We need a barricade...
(notice Brooklyn's silly face?! this is the response I get when I bust out the camara and tell her to'll see it alot!!!)

I need another pair of arms to for supervision when they attempt to climb stairs at the same time. Thankfully they were both sturdy so its just stand by supervision and Brett was at the top of the stairs bribing them to climb up and not down.

I would need 2 pairs of drum sets because the 2 of them both were banging away on the platform "making music"

And I would need two of every toy I got because even at this early of an age, one would play with one toy and the other wanted to play too. Thankfully they were both good about sharing, but it was definitely snatched back and forth from each other....

It was another WONDERFUL day with Brooks. I loved having him over. He helped me entertain Brooklyn so I was actually able to do some things, like fold laundry without a certain little monkey attempting to climb in the laundry basket or make a mess of my already folded laundry pile. Brooks is walking already and I loved watching him take all those steps with no fear, stumble and fall on his tush, but then get back up like its nothing. Brooklyn has taken his lead quite nicely. This afternoon she started to stand up on her own without the couch to help pull her up, or my legs and she just stood for I don't know how long. I normally stand with her and cheer her on, but this time it was for soo long I just turned and walked away because I lost count of how long. It't like no big deal to her.

She has also gotten braver when it comes to taking steps now. She's taken a ton more towards me, but only 2 or 3 at a time. Maybe she will be walking by her 1st birthday! Thanks Brooks for showing her the way! I can't wait to have you over again soon... Hopefully Brett and his buddies will have the swing set up by then and we can play more outside!

My big little girl is 11 months old now and becoming more and more fun

Her hair is getting longer and here is my sad attempt at pigtails.

Brett thinks she looks like Jim Carey from his "in Living Color" skits. I don't care, it makes mommy happy

We have also discovered the word "time out" at our house and have dedicated a corner for her to sit in. She was trying to test our patience and push some limits the other night with dinner and kept throwing her food off her tray and on the floor. Only when we would look at her really, just to get a rise out of us it seemed. So she made it to her time out corner. Of course it lasted a mere 5 secs because I can't keep an 11 month still in a corner without some sort of restraint, but she got the point because she wailed and wailed when she was placed there. Then today she took Brooks' blanket and froggy and sat in time out all on her own, so I guess she doesn't see it as punishment....

Oh well, I can try can't I?!

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