Thursday, April 30, 2009

Walking to the Cubs game

Well not really, but we did manage to drive to the Cubs came on Tuesday night with Becky and Scott. Our original plan was to leave Brooklyn with the Tatham's, but their household has come down with the Swine flu (not really, and not really funny, I know!) so Brooklyn came with and took in her first cubs game!

Alright, I would have prefered it to have been at Wrigley, but at Chase field vs the Diamondbacks is a good alternative. You would have never guessed that the Cubs weren't the home team. Far more Cubbie fans then Dbacks. We headed out at the 8th inning since the game was a blow out and Brooklyn needed to get to bed.

Great first Cubs game for my girl! Thanks Auntie Rey Rey and Uncle Andro for providing the proper attire for her first game!

About the walking...watching Brooks last week has rubbed off on Brooklyn. She's standing up on her own without assistance and will stand forever all the time. And since she's finally gotten comfortable and bored with that she's started to take steps on her own. Without coaching or assistance. She'll step around her immediate vicinity, but won't go long distance. She'll wobble here and there but will crouch down to sturdy herself. Alright does this officially count for her as walking? I am not completely ready for it, but Brooklyn's proven to do things on her own personal schedule. So I'm armed and ready for the bumps and bruising. I've got lots of kisses for the owies to come from the mishaps of learning to walk. Would it be bad of me to get her a helmet?

Her top 2 teeth finally decided to grace us with their presence over the last week or so. Brooklyn's done well with it well minus the extra dirty diapers and semi raw toosh....why does this happen with teething?! Brett and I noticed that about 4 weeks prior to the teeth actually popping thru is when Brooklyn goes thru her fussy spell and mimics a devil child for a day or so. Now we know!

Last night we had a belly full of laughs watching Brooklyn and Deuce interact. Deuce was giving Brooklyn some kisses and before we knew it, Brooklyn was leaning in to give Deuce kisses right back. We're still working on the lip pucker so in the meantime Brooklyn goes in for the kiss mouth wide opened. She thought it was hilarious! Laughing laughing laughing. Of course Brett and I were amused. I am so happy the 2 of them play well together, not so pleased that they share well though....

As Brooklyn continues to grow like the weeds in our front lawn we continue to put some more things away. We had 2 swings at our house for Brooklyn, one was up in our bedroom. It's been tucked away in the corner storing the extra decorative pillows. When I went to pull it out Brooklyns eyes lit up and this is the result.

She stayed in it for about an hour watching a movie....I almost debated keeping it out and not storing it for this purpose!

What we haven't been able to part with is her pink bouncy chair.

You see why! There has to be a weight limit on these! Granted, Brooklyn has yet to break 20 lbs, but still. She loves to cuddle up with her Fisher price learning puppy, which I call Chucky because I swear it's possessed. It goes off randomly and sometimes in the middle night you hear "touch my nose" or "hehehe, That tickles!" I can't wait till shes outgrown that, but for now she really is learning from it. She's figured out tummy and nose....


Becky said...

Thanks for the fun time at the Cubs game! We picked the right day to go. Did you see the score yesterday? Yikes. Come on cubbies. Love the pic of Brooklyn snuggling the puppy. So sweet. And don't worry...chuckie didn't take him over...Amaya's does that, too. It seems to happen when the batteries are getting low.

Casey said...

I can't wait to take Brooks to his first baseball game! It looks like you had a blast. Watch out for the walking Mae, Brooks turned pro over night and now his little legs look like little boys legs, all bruised and covered with little scraps :( Brooklyn looks so cute cuddling in her bouncy chair and her hair is getting so long! I can't wait to see her!

Anonymous said...

Those puppies are possessed. I hated that thing. I'd go to get a drink of water in the middle of the night and that dumb thing would start talking. Take out the batteries.