Wednesday, May 13, 2009

2 years in the books!

Happy Anniversary (yesterday!) to my wonderful Hubbie!
Here we were 2 years ago......

We had a jammed pack day yesterday. Grandpa Mike was still in town and Brooklyn brought him to the airport. We're sad to see him go and wished he would FINALLY move down here. Brett worked a half day so he can spend some good quality time with me! What a hubbie :-)! Amy came over for the afternoon to watch Brooklyn and Brett and I went up to N. Scottsdale for dinner drinks and shopping. We were able to get a few things for the Luau party next week, get some errands done and then enjoy a WONDERFUL dinner at Ocean Prime in Scottsdale.

IT was soooooo yummy going down! Looks good huh?

And here was my nice fancy $16 martini which included dry ice to make it look like it's smoking.

I had to snap a picture since I was soo tickeled by it. (maybe we don't get out too much these days!)

I loved every bite, but unfortunately it didn't agree with me later on that night and I enjoyed the rest of the evening watching it come back up (i'll spare you the details)....NO I am not pregnant and no I didn't not drink too much. Brett was fine so it couldn't have been the food being "sour" since we had bites from each others food. I guess it just didn't agree with me. Oh well, it was still the most wonderful night Brett and I had had in a long time. We enjoyed a nice quite dinner without having to entertain Brooklyn and struggle to keep her in her highchair. Like we did the night before when we went with Grandpa to Teppanyaki for dinner.

See our struggle? Good thing she was very intrigued when the chef was actually cooking dinner that she sat still and watched the performance all while devouring some fried rice. It was afterwards that she wanted out of the highchair. I think she wanted to imitate the chef at the table.

Here's the whole group of us attemptimg to get a picture where we were all looking...

Brett and I had a wonderful 2 year anniversary and we were both good about exchanging traditional gifts this year. 2 years means cotton and I got Brett some work out clothes along with a new ceiling fan that we needed for the family room (aren't I romantic?!) and Brett got me a gift certifcate to my favorite store, White house Black market, so I can pick out my own cotton! And I got more flowers, roses, to add to my flowers from Mothers day.

May is just the best month!!!!!!

Brett- your the best hubbie I could ever hope for! Thanks for a wonderful 9 years together and for the last 2 years of marriage bliss. Cheers to many many many more!

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Riecke's said...

oops...forgot to wish you a happy anniversary this morning! It's even on my calendar! Glad you had a nice time and got good gifts! shopping! can't beat that! See you tomorrow...if the census allows! if not, see you next weekend for sure!