Thursday, May 28, 2009

Commercial Actress

Brooklyn had her first paying job last week. Some may say it was a commercial acting job or some may see it as a political campaigner. Either way she got paid for her time worked and better yet wasn't cut for the commercial and she's actually in the final ad. Here's the website where you can find the commercial. Brooklyn's been with an agency for over 6 months now just for fun and any money earned goes to her college fund. Gotta start early (she's Harvard bound and I hear IVY league is expensive)!!! This was her 1st job and we didn't even anticipate much work for her at all, in fact I had forgotten she was even with this agency until we got the call last week. We had briefly met Mr. Pederson when they shot the commercial last week at his Office in Phoenix. He was friendly and seemed nice, but unfortunately I can't say much more then that. I guess I should have done more research before I have my daughter start endorsing him! Hehe. Brooklyn did great at the shoot. They literally filmed her for about 5 minutes walking standing and falling. We are thrilled that they thought she was worthy enough to make the cut!

Oh and Today we went to Brooklyn's 1 year check up and she's developing right on track, quicker in some aspects. She's only 19lbs 10oz (25th percentile, no surprise there, apparently Blueberries don't fatten you at all) She's still gotta ride facing backwards! Although I bet she'd hit 20 lbs easily with clothes, shoes and a wet diaper! Oh well, I am ok with her facing backwards since it's supposedly safer anyway. She is also 29 inches long.
(50th percentile, HOLY COW who would have guessed that!? Brett and I combined don't add up to the average adult height!)

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Becky said...

Way to go Brooklyn! You're a natural. And oh so adorable.