Sunday, May 24, 2009

Great company PERFECT weather, what a day!

Brooklyn's Birthday was a BLAST! She was greeted in the morning from lots of hugs and kisses from Mommy Daddy Deucer Grandpa and Grandma. We spent the first part of the morning at swim lessons. Brooklyn swam like the fish she was in her past life, until she got water in her face and then not so much!

It was a tad cold (80s) with overcast when we first started our swim and I was a bit worried about the afternoon and how it would play out. When we got home Brooklyn laid down for a quick nap and we all continued to get ready for our big Luau! BIG thanks for my parents for ALL the help with the party and the weekend. I would have been a tired stressed out mess if you 2 weren't there to help out! And big hugs and kisses to the wonderful man that I married for all the work he did that day!!!!

After Brooklyns nap we let her open up a present from her Uncle Jamey, Auntie Rhonda, and Cousins Michael & Marcus.

She was thrilled with the packaging and ribbons it came with! of course she adored the present also!

We let her play her heart away as we still continued to get ready all while making sure our little rascal wasn't getting into trouble. She loved being outside with us and standing on top of the little tike pinic table which was over concrete so it took 1 out of the 4 adults there to always be watching her!

I swear she didn't fall in the picture above she was slowly getting out of the bench, but I had to include it so you can see what type of situations my little monkey gets herself into and why she needs constant supervision!

As promised Brett had the Swing set up and running by the time the party started. It was shy a glider, but still worked to entertain.

By 4 pm we were ready to Hula at the Luau!!!!!!

My WONDERFUL Mom helped cook 1/2 the food that we served, like the fruit salads, pancit and pork skewers and we had the rest of it catered by a local Hawaiian BBQ place. It was all soo yummy and we are still enjoying leftovers and I hope all those that brought some home are also enjoying theirs!

We had all of Brooklyns closest buddies over (well most of them!) and she had a blast!!!

Here's Miss Ellie after she willingly let Jaxon attack her with the sprinkler.

After Jaxon realized that Ellie was not any challenge he attempted to get the adults!

So cute! So as you can see the weather turned out to be PERFECT! It wasn't too hot so we were able to hang out outside under the shade at least and it wasn't too chilly for the kiddos to run around in the sprinklers or kiddie pool!

I believe the Highlight of Brooklyns Birthday for us was watching her dig into her cake.

Deuce even wanted in on part of the action!!!

Brooklyn more then devoured her collasal cupcake made especially for her!

She's even tried eating the plate it sat on....

realizing not as yummy.....

We knew she was about done when she started picking her nose for some left overs.....

So we didn't serve the cake that Brooklyn destroyed and save this one for our guests.

Brooklyn went straight for the tubbie after her cake, but not before Mommy and Daddy can take a few pics of this proud parent moment!

All in all the day was a success! Brooklyn had a wonderful time and she loved sharing her 1st birthday with all her great friends!

Brooklyn was tuckered out after the party she was ready to just fly up to her crib to go to bed!

Thank you everyone who came to the Luau and all those who helped make it a successful 1st birthday!


Lindsay Teague Moreno said...

um, i love baby cake face! :) She is adorable! Congrats on making it through the hard part with no sleep. I hear this year is supposed to blow your mind and be so fun! WOOHOO!


John, Erin and Jaxon said...

Of course Jaxon looks ornery in every picture! :)
We had a blast! Thanks for having us!

The Newmans said...

I LOVE the cake pictures! Those are great!