Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy First Birthday Sweets!

Tomorrow marks the anniversary of the day that our lives changed completely and only for the better! It's crazy to think it's been a year since Brooklyn officially joined our lives! We did it! We made it through her first year as first time parents! How absolutely wonderful it's been and I would do it all over again....even without an epidural and with less sleep :-) It's worth every 2 am waking moment and tears shed by both mommy and Brooklyn! So I know her big day is actually tomorrow, but I wanted to post today since it's going to be crazy busy here. We have swim lessons and then getting ready for our Luau with all of Brooklyn's closest friends (some of which aren't able to make it, but will be missed!) We had her 1 year old pics done as mentioned before and there are just soo many to choose from so I can't include them all here, but here are a few! We are just sooo happy with them....

Can you tell I am a proud Mama?! So many great pics! I know that every mom has to say it, but my baby is just sooo cute and she's getting big, at what point is she no longer my baby? When another baby joins our family?! Either way I don't care, she'll always be my baby!!!! Grandma Trini and Grandpa Hojo came in last weds night to celebrate the big day. Grandpa Hojo was in charge of Brooklyn yesterday while my Mom and I had our much needed hair cuts as well as ran some errands. Or should I say Brooklyn was in Charge of Grandpa?! Either way they both survived! Grandpa got Brooklyn's routine down and even managed to effectively change her diaper. The first that he had ever done in his life was earlier when my mom and I were still here to supervise and I wish I had a camera! Brooklyn refused to cooperate and I think she one the first battle! Anyway, Brooklyn finally has warmed up to Grandpa Hojo and they play welled! Except when it came to a battle over watching cartoons or the News/Market channels!

So in Brooklyn's first Year:
-I have traveled to San Diego, Chicago, North Dakota and Bayfield WI.
-I walk without assitance, but would much rather crawl.
-I can wave Bye Bye, but I use my whole arm
-I can say woof woof like a Doggy, but it comes out woo woo
-My favorite things to play with are books
-I love Dora and Kai Lan and dance with excitement with their images or show
-I can say Hi, Dada and Uh-OH perfectly, all other words that I say my mommy can't figure out how to spell
-My favorite foods are fruits and can eat a whole container of Blueberries if I'm allowed and I am not a terribly picky eater.
-I love to share my meals with Deuce
-I sleep from 830 at night to 730 at night and still Bless my Mommy with 2 naps a day
-I don't weigh quite 20 lbs yet, but I'm still rolly polly and most famous for my cheeks
-I have already made my first pay check!
-I clap when I do something good or when I am excited.
-I give kisses to my stuffed animals all the time and sometimes to my mommy and daddy.
-I am still learning how to swim, but enjoy the pool
-I drink out the sippy cup, but prefer the bottle for my Milk.
-I love the slide in my new jungle gym
-I enjoy being outdoors
-I can crawl up and down the stairs with supervision
-I have discovered my nose and how to pick it!
-I only have 4 teeth, but that hasn's stopped me from eating anything and everything
-My hair is long and enjoy wearing bows, just not headbands
-I lost a whole finger nail in a freak accident
-I grew back my whole finger nail
-I love to point
-I say "oose" for Deuce
-I can boogie down and Dance my heart out.
-I have been to my first Cubs game and they won, by alot!
-I jibber jabber when I first wake up to let my Mommy and Daddy know I am awake.
-My 2 favorite sitters are Lily and Amy, otherwise I spend most all my days with my Mommy and nights with my Daddy.
-I love it when my Mommy sings me Old Macdonald and makes all the crazy animal sounds
-I would much rather play inside my toy box then outside
-I love to snack on yogurt melts and eat the whole thing when Grandpa Hojo lets me because I know I can get away with it.
-I am allergic to Grass and Zucchini, so we think......
-I have an olive complexion but have one small "white" birth mark on my left arm to represent my "white side" from my Daddy, otherwise I fool people all the time as to what race I am.
-I go crazy for Dogs!
-I enjoy climbing all over the furniture and if I can't get to it then I will find a way.
--I am the best thing that ever happened to my Mommy and Daddy!


Mrs. D said...

Love the pictures! Thank you for sharing them!

Nicole said...

such a cute the pics. So sorry we can't be there tomorrow...enjoy her last day as a baby...onto to toddlerhood now! And I can say one more thing...but I won't! :)

The Banks Family said...

cute pics! Happy Birthday Brooklyn!

Riecke's said...

I love all the pics. I didn't know Brooklyn was in the commercial. You didn't tell me! Very cool! Okay, about to fall asleep in front of the computer! I'll blog tomorrow!

The Newmans said...

Those pictures are great! I love the one of you and her both laughing! Priceless!

The Newmans said...

Those pictures are great! I love the one of you and her both laughing! Priceless!