Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mama's Day!

Happy Mommies day to my mommy first and foremost!!! You are the best!! Can't wait to see you in a week and a half!!!

Happy mommies day to all my friends! A new found appreciation to motherhood and all it's perks! Thanks for all the advice and support through my first year of mommy world!

My 1st official mother's day started with a greeting in the garage as I came home from work from my 2 most favorite people, Brooklyn and Daddy! I got lots of smiles from both. Then nearly tackled from Deuce when I walked in (its like he knew it was a special day!) They made sure to treat my with strawberry shortcake for breakfast, flowers and cards, (one from Brooklyn, Deuce, and Brett), and a Willow Tree figurine. Those are just the best! Since I had to work again tonight I only played briefly in the morning and then headed to bed. Mike, Brett and Brooklyn spent the afternoon at the mall, scoping out the merchandise. Came home in time to have a nice dinner. Brooklyn devoured a whole avocado, mushrooms, a few bites of steak and aspragus and managed to save room for oodles and oodles of blueberries.
Minus the fact that I had to work, it was a great mommies day for me! I love my family! I look foward to the next 3 days off so I can spend time with Mike who is only visiting til Tuesday afternoon.

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