Saturday, May 9, 2009


I stole the title from our ONEderful photographer, Shauna! We had pics done for Brooklyn's first birthday last night and so far the few that Shauna has shared with us turned out great. She's still working on editing the rest of them, but posted a sample few on her blog today.

I was so excited to get the pictures done because a girl at my work, Brandi, made her her cute tutu and onesie. Check out her website when you get the chance.

Look at her big puppy dog eyes! How can we not give her anything she wants?! Hopefully she doesn't figure that out when she's older. I am pretty sure Daddy is going to be a sucker for that look!

He's already proving that he's spoiling her rotten. He spent all afternoon in the 100 plus heat putting together her swing set. He and Travis worked on it together. Thank you Uncle Travis!!!!!!! That's the best birthday present ever! We appreciate you coming over all afternoon and sweating bullets to help Daddy!

Grandpa Mike made it into town tonight. Yay! He's here for the next few days and we are all excited to spend some good quality time together!


Nicole said...

so freakin cute..Travis was going on and on about how cute Brooklyn is. I think he dreams of having a little Filipino baby himself :) So sorry we won't be able to make it to the b-day party to enjoy that swingset but we will one day or another for sure. I still can't believe she is one already!

The West Family said...

Those are awesome! I love the tutu pic...too cute!