Monday, May 4, 2009

Weekend Update

Our weekend started off with swim lessons for Brooklyn.... It was saturday morning and unfortunately it's right before her normal nap time so the last 5 minutes of the lessons Brooklyn was falling asleep in my arms while in the water. It was way too cute! Too bad Brett didn't tag along because we could have had some classic pics. Here we are right on our way out the door for swimming. Funny picture because if you don't look too closely and just glance at the photo it looks like Brooklyn is sporting a mohawk...

Speaking of Mohawks....

Later that night we attended Heather and Martins wedding. Heather is a good friend of Brett's from back in his real estate days. The red mohawk belongs to Devon and Will, more friends of Brett's from back in the real estate days. Syrus is the cutie's name and he was the ring bearer. Hard to call a red mohawk like that cute, but rather tough guy, but he was really way too cute.

We got Brooklyn all dressed up for the big night and here she is picking out accesories....

(expensive taste our girl has! uhhh ohhh.)

Of course nothing goes better with a pink dress then elmo!

She was such a pretty little lady, now we just have to work on her sitting with her legs crossed while in a dress...

The wedding was in the backyard of Heather's parents place in glbert. It was beautiful.

Heather's parents are Gary and Caryn and Brett used to work for both of them in the past so it was soo nice being able to see them all and to catch up. Brooklyn had a blast! She was thrilled by the two lil pups of Gary and Caryn. Her eyes would light up everytime they came by and they played really well with Brooklyn.

After the ceremony Brooklyn busted out her moves on the dance floor. She even learned some break dancing from the other kiddos.

She just loved Syrus!!! (another uhhh ohhh! Going for the older guy!)

Thankfully for now the only man she truly loves is her daddy.

Daddy twirling her away on the dance floor.

Let's not forget about Elmo though.....Elmo and Brooklyn took in a few dances also. (it was getting late at this point so Brooklyn changed into some PJs)

Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Martin Rodriguez! We had a wonderful time at the wedding, we were so happy to have been there to celebrate with you both!

(BTW- for my fellow chicagoans.... I was told that this wedding took place in the same neighborhood that Brian Urlacher lives in, about 20 mins from our house. Now I know the gate code to the neighborhood so I can stalk him :-), just kidding, but I will be shopping at the local grocery stores for some slim chance of running into think he does his own shopping?!)

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Elizabeth said...

Brooklyn is way too cute. I just want to pinch those chubby legs. Her and Elijah just need to slow down on the growing though. Where did our babies go?