Monday, June 29, 2009

Help Wanted

Our household is still getting over the colds that was soo nicely passed from one individual to the other. We all still have runny noses, but luckily no fevers for Brett and I and the 2 of us have managed to avoid the Doctor. Brooklyn still has snotty nose, but it doesn't act like it phases her. She is playing like nothing is wrong. Over the past week Brooklyn has went from walking with ease and caution...two arms up to keep her balance to just running. Alright, I am sure it's not really running but it sure feels that way. She's just on the go, quicker then lightning. I went to go pick her up for her dinner the other day and she saw me coming and the girl took off like she doesn't only have 10 inch legs. I got a kick out of it, but I am sure that will get old very quickly! Why do they have to grow up soooo stinking fast?!

Our newest dilemma is that we will be losing Lily our sitter in the fall due to her school schedule and one option we had actually seems like it might fall through so I wanted to put the word out there and see if anyone knows anyone that would be interested in sitting for Brooklyn this fall? It's only one day during the work week at our home and we are very flexible on the day. I like to think it's fairly easy money since Brooklyn's pretty low maintenance and there is only one baby they are sitting for, but I might be biased. The only stipulation is that it is at my home in Queen-Tucky and sending her to day care is just not an option for us. Let me know if you know anyone looking for easy work!

We have the Jamey Rhonda, Marcus and Michael coming into town on weds for a week and I am sure we will be busy hanging out with them when they are here so I wanted to drop a quick blog posting so it doesn't look like we fell off the face of the earth again!

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Ari Kelly said...

I have a friend who has 2 kids and doesn't work outside home. She lives at I-10 and Pecos. Does it absolutely have to be at your house? If not, I can ask her if she's interested.